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June 30, 1998 / le 30 juin 1998

CMAJ 1998; 158(13)

© 1998 Canadian Medical Association / Association médicale canadienne

In this issue · Dans ce numéro

Editor's preface
Mot du rédacteur en chef

This issue looks at palliative care from a wide range of perspectives: from the historical, through the conceptual, the clinical and the ethical, to the highly personal.

Couverture :
Ce numéro propose divers points de vue sur les soins palliatifs, de la perspective historique au regard très personnel, en passant par les facettes conceptuelle, clinique et éthique.
palliative care

  Robert Pope, whose art appears on the cover and on page 1726 (A Friend's Story), was diagnosed with Hodgkin's disease at age 26 and died 9 years later from the side effects of the chemotherapy and radiotherapy that cured his disease. His book Illness & Healing: Images of Cancer (Lancelot Press, 1991) chronicles in art and words his experience of cancer and its treatment, as well as his relationships with health care professionals, family and friends. Robert described the cover image, Progress, as "a multi-generational group of figures exploring family relationships, illness, and health. It looks back at the past and forward to the future. . . . This image can be likened to a cautionary parable. It reminds us of negative aspects of life: blindness, sickness, pollution. Yet this spiral of figures also suggests that hope and health can be achieved through human solidarity and the establishment of a vision for the future."
1688 Letters ˇ Correspondance
Instructions to correspondents / Directives aux correspondants
  Evidence ˇ Études
1691 Identifying potential need for cancer palliation in Nova Scotia, G.M. Johnston, L. Gibbons, F.I. Burge, R.A. Dewar, I. Cummings, I.G. Levy [full text / résumé]

  Editorials ˇ Éditoriaux
1699 A march of folly, N. MacDonald [full text]
1702 Oncology and palliative care: bringing together the two solitudes, M.R. McKenzie [full text]
1705 The interface of palliative care, oncology and family practice: a view from a family practitioner, M.A. MacKenzie [full text]

  Education ˇ Éducation
1709 Palliative care — an essential component of cancer control, N. MacDonald [full text / résumé]
1717 Management of specific symptom complexes in patients receiving palliative care, E. Bruera, C.M. Neumann [full text / résumé]
1727 Measuring health-related quality of life in clinical trials that evaluate the role of chemotherapy in cancer treatment, M. Michael, I.F. Tannock [full text / résumé]
1735 Historical origins of current problems in cancer control, C.R.R. Hayter [full text / résumé]
1741 Ethical care at the end of life, E.J. Latimer [full text / résumé]

  Experience ˇ Expérience
1748 Dead tired, J. Poulson [full text]
1751 Palliative care on the oncology ward, J.E. Raiche [full text]

  Features ˇ Chroniques
1752 Furious passion confronts the cool logic behind a CEO's hospital appointment, C. Gray [full text / en bref]
1755 Take care when prescribing new drug to treat impotence, MDs warned, B. Sibbald [full text / en bref]
1757 Freestanding hospices ease pressure on physicians, hospitals, MD says, A. Elash [full text / en bref]

1759 On_the_Net@cma.ca ˇ Sur_le_Net@cma.ca
   Palliative care finds a home on the Net

1760 CMA bylaw amendments ˇ Modifications des règlements administratifs de l'AMC

  Pulse ˇ Médicogramme
1784 Canada's massive injury toll / Le bilan énorme des blessures au Canada

ISSN 0820-3946 158(13) 1681-1784 (1998)