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Canadian Medical Association Journal

February 10, 1998 / Le 10 février 1998

CMAJ 1998; 158 (3)

© 1998 Canadian Medical Association / Association médicale canadienne

In this issue · Dans ce numéro

Editor's preface
Mot du rédacteur en chef

291 News and analysis · Nouvelles et analyses

297 Letters · Correspondance
[Instructions to correspondents / Directives aux correspondants]

        CMA 131st Annual Meeting Cover:
The 1998 CMA annual meeting takes place in Whitehorse, from Sept. 6 to 9. In this issue, Allon Reddoch, the CMA president-elect, discusses the particular problems of practising medicine in the rural north (page 337).

La prochaine assemblée annuelle de l'AMC aura lieu à Whitehorse, du 6 au 9 septembre 1998. Dans ce numéro, Allon Reddoch, président désigné de l'AMC, explique les problèmes particuliers que pose l'exercice de la médecine en région rurale de Nord (page 337)

  Evidence · Études
307 Are rural general practitioner - obstetricians performing too many prenatal ultrasound examinations? Evidence from western Labrador, E. Thompson, D. Freake, G. Worrall [abstract / résumé]
317 The British Columbia Positive Women's Survey: a detailed profile of 110 HIV-infected women, C.M. Kirkham, D.J. Lobb [abstract / résumé]
327 Invasive Streptococcus pneumoniae infections: serotype distribution and antimicrobial resistance in Canada, 1992-1995, M. Lovgren, J.S. Spika, J.A. Talbot [abstract / résumé]

  Editorials · Éditoriaux
335 "Remembrance and reflection", P.F. Hall [full text]
337 A warm place to practise: meeting the challenges of medicine in the North, A. Reddoch [full text]
339 The new antiretroviral "cocktails": Is the stage set for HIV-positive women to benefit?, S. Walmsley [full text]
345 We may get this horse to water, but will it drink?, N.A. Iscoe [full text]
347 Putting clinical practice guidelines into the hands of cancer patients, N.A. Hagen, B. Whylie [full text]

  Education · Éducation
351 Alberta's Rural Physician Action Plan: an integrated approach to education, recruitment and retention, D.R. Wilson, S.C. Woodhead-Lyons, D.G. Moores [abstract / résumé]
359 Free-standing health care facilities: financial arrangements, quality assurance and a pilot study, J.N. Lavis, J. Lomas, G.M. Anderson, A. Donner, N.A. Iscoe, G. Gold, J. Craighead [abstract / résumé]

  Experience · Expérience
367 Annie, A. Peterkin

  Public health · Santé publique
369 Avian influenza [full text]

  Features · Chroniques
373 Legalize use of marijuana for medical purposes, MDs and patients plead, C. Gray [full text / en bref]
377 Desperately seeking doctors, B. Sibbald [in brief / en bref]
380 Plasma-collection plant has to overcome tainted-blood fallout in search for donors, M. OReilly [in brief / en bref]
384 Frustrated by lack of job opportunities in Canada, MD moves to US space-medicine program, L. Sears Williams [full text / en bref]
386 The Class of '82 nears its career mid-point, M. OReilly
391 Depression often undertreated in HIV/AIDS patients, psychiatrist warns, A. Silversides [full text / en bref]

455 Deaths · Nécrologie

  Special supplements · Suppléments spéciaux
Clinical practice guidelines for the care and treatment of breast cancer [full text] [portable document format (pdf)]

Guides de pratique clinique pour la prise en charge et le traitement du cancer du sein [texte complet] [format pdf]

Questions and answers on breast cancer: a guide for women and their physicians [full text]
Canadian Breast Cancer Initiative

Questions et réponses sur le cancer du sein: guide à l'intention des femmes et de leurs médecins [texte complet]
Initiative canadienne sur le cancer du sein

  Pulse · Médicogramme
456 Spending on drugs surpasses $10 billion / Les coûts des médicaments : plus de 10 milliards de dollars

394 Books and other media · Livres et autres documents

401 On_the_Net@cma.ca · Sur_le_Net@cma.ca
   Creating your own medical Web site

Resources · Ressources

402 Writing for CMAJ
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410 Prescribing index · Index de l'information sur les ordonnances
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ISSN 0820-3946 158 (3) 281-456 (1998)