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CMAJ - July 14, 1998JAMC - le 14 juillet

Cool site

CMAJ 1998;159:11

© 1998 Canadian Medical Association

Not everyone will agree with all its statements and activist role, but the La Leche League has emerged as a major player in the promotion of breast-feeding. It describes itself as "an international, nonprofit, nonsectarian organization dedicated to providing education, information, support and encouragement to women who want to breast-feed." After publishing numerous paper publications over the years, the league has created this attractive and comprehensive Web site www.lalecheleague.org. Physicians should feel comfortable recommending it to expectant mothers. The main menu has links to topics such as league publications and breast-feeding and the law — the latter discusses the legal issues surrounding nursing in public, at work or when called for jury duty — as well as to frequently asked questions on breast-feeding. The legislation cited is American, but it makes for interesting reading and often works its way across the Canadian border. The site also has a handy search engine that allows users to avoid aimless wandering. Information on local La Leche League chapters is also provided. Here I found lots of American listings by state, but only a toll-free number for English Canada. In contrast, a separate Web page in French provides telephone listings for Montreal, Quebec City and Sherbrooke. Directed primarily at nursing mothers, this site will also interest family physicians, pediatricians, gynecologists and anyone else who deals with breast-feeding patients. — Dr. Robert Patterson robpatterson@msn.com

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