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December 1, 1998 / le 1er décembre 1998

CMAJ 1998; 159(11)

© 1998 Canadian Medical Association / Association médicale canadienne

In this issue · Dans ce numéro

    Press release

Editor's preface
Mot du rédacteur en chef

The discovery of radium exactly 100 years ago was in every way a Promethean advance. Interestingly, it was from the brand-new discipline of radiography that the first measures for radiation protection originated (page 1389).
The discovery of radium

1347 News and analysis ˇ Nouvelles et analyses
1353 Letters ˇ Correspondance
Instructions to correspondents / Directives aux correspondants
  Evidence ˇ Études
1359 Participation in clinical trials among women living with HIV in Canada, C. Hankins, N. Lapointe, S. Walmsley and the Canadian Women's HIV Study Group
[abstract / résumé / full text in PDF]
1368 Screening for prostate cancer: estimating the magnitude of overdetection, M. McGregor, J.A. Hanley, J.-F. Boivin, R.G. McLean [abstract / résumé]

  Editorials ˇ Éditoriaux
1373 The evolution of clinical trials: inclusion and representation, P.A. Rochon, P.B. Berger, M. Gordon [full text]
1375 Prostate cancer screening: waiting for Godot, N.A. Iscoe [full text]
1378 Health services research and personal health information: privacy concerns, new legislation and beyond, D.J. Willison [full text]

  Education ˇ Éducation
1381 Prostate cancer: 7. Radiation therapy for localized disease, P. Warde, C. Catton, M.K. Gospodarowicz [full text]
1389 The early years of radiation protection: a tribute to Madame Curie, A.R. Coppes-Zantinga, M.J. Coppes [full text]

  Experience ˇ Expérience
1392 As blue as Lake Louise, A.J. Lupin [full text]

  Public health ˇ Santé publique
1394 Ciguatera fish poisoning, C.E. Caplan [full text]

  Features ˇ Chroniques
1395 US editorial writers put Canadian health care under microscope, C. Gray [full text / en bref]
1398 Ontario's attempt at primary care reform hits another snag, M. OReilly [full text / en bref]
1401 Hospital mergers can bring breath of fresh air, CEO says, H. Kent

1409 On_the_Net@cma.ca ˇ Sur_le_Net@cma.ca
   One-stop shopping on the Web?

  Pulse ˇ Médicogramme
1440 BC still the place to be / La Colombie–Britannique : toujours l'endroit idéal

ISSN 0820-3946 159(11) 1337-1440 (1998)