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December 15, 1998 / le 15 décembre 1998

CMAJ 1998; 159(12)

© 1998 Canadian Medical Association / Association médicale canadienne

HOLIDAY REVIEW 1998Holiday Review

In this issue · Dans ce numéro

    Press release

1445 Editor's preface  
1451 The naked truth
1455 Letters ˇ Correspondance
Instructions to correspondents / Directives aux correspondants
  Circumstantial evidence
1457 The impact of hissy fits in primary care, W.E. Osmun, C. Naugler [full text]
1461 The good, the bad and the ugly: association between car colour and bicycle passing space, J.K. Hurst [full text]
1463 Cost-effectiveness of beer versus red wine for the prevention of symptomatic coronary artery disease, G. Innes [full text]
1467 The genetic basis of administosis, S. Camero
1469 Evidence for a new classification of anal-retentiveness: torpid posteriosus and retro-pudendal hesitancy, G.J.R. Charrois, M. Ewanchuk
1472 Interviews with the dead: using meta-life qualitative analysis to validate Hippocrates' theory of humours, F. Secretion, G.S. Conjur, S.P. Attitude

  Unsubstantiated opinion
1476 To boldly go: We have to look beyond the Simpsons for a true medical hero, M. Yeo [full text]
1478 Hissy fits revividus, P.F. Hall [full text]

1480 D'oh! An analysis of the medical care provided to the family of Homer J. Simpson, R. Patterson, C. Weijer [full text]
1482 The judgement of urines, R. Harvey [full text]
1485 McGee, Samuel: consultation report from the marge of Lake Lebarge, J.A. Smith [full text]
1487 The Saskatoon ClampTM: a new anti-incontinence device, K. Visvanathan
1488 How to read clinical journals: IX. Sounding like you've read the literature when you haven't read a thing, D.A. Redelmeier, M. Schuchman, S.L. Shumak [full text]
1492 The holiday literature: a critical review, A.M. Clarfield [full text]
1494 Katz on the Net, J. McGowan [full text]

1495 Sage advice from my garden, D. Square [full text]
1498 The cure is in the bag: Is there a correlation between the number of unconventional remedies ingested and overall health status?, M. Greiver [full text]
1499 Ode on health and the holidays, C. Caplan [full text]
1500 Crossword: diagnosis in retrospect, J. Jayaraman, K.S. Joseph
1503 My wallet's getting thin even if I'm not, B. Sibbald [full text]
1505 A mother's advice about studying medicine, J. O'Keefe
1507 So you want to be a doctor, eh?, J.M. Embil, D.C. Spence
1508 What the heck . . .?, B. Sibbald
1548 Statistics and damn lies [full text]

  Totally wacky Web sites
1510 OReilly's Internet medicine show, M. OReilly [full text]

ISSN 0820-3946 159(12) 1441-1548 (1998)