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July 28, 1998 / le 28 juillet 1998

CMAJ 1998; 159(2)

© 1998 Canadian Medical Association / Association médicale canadienne

In this issue · Dans ce numéro

Editor's preface
Mot du rédacteur en chef

Drug and alcohol abuse is a continuing problem in Canada. Physicians work hard to counteract the social impacts of abuse (
page 169), but with prescription drugs still making their way onto the black market (pages 139, 149), they become unwilling participants in this trade.

Couverture :
Les problèmes d'usage abusif de drogues et d'alcool persistent au Canada. Les médecins s'efforcent de contrer les répercussions sociales de ces abus (page 169), mais lorsque les médicaments prescrits continuent à approvisionner le marché noir (pages 139, 149), ils deviennent malgré eux participants à ces échanges illicites.
Drug and alcohol abuse

129 News and analysis
135 Letters ˇ Correspondance
Instructions to correspondents / Directives aux correspondants
  Evidence ˇ Études
139 The street value of prescription drugs, A. Sajan, T. Corneil, S. Grzybowski [full text / résumé]
143 Profile of residents in unlicensed homes for the aged in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, G. Bravo, M. Charpentier, M.-F. Dubois, P. De Wals, A. Émond [abstract / résumé]

  Editorials ˇ Éditoriaux
149 The news on the street: prescription drugs on the black market, B. Goldman [full text]
151 Market forces and vulnerable elderly people: Who cares?, E. Shapiro [full text]
153 Forget cloning sheep and pay attention to China, P. MacLeod, F.C. Fraser [full text]
156 Hemochromatosis: clinical implications of genetic testing, P.C. Adams [full text]

  Education ˇ Éducation
159 Bioethics for clinicians: 15. Quality end-of-life care, P.A. Singer, N. MacDonald [full text / résumé]

  Public health ˇ Santé publique
163 Before lightning strikes, N. Bains, J. Hoey [full text]

  Features ˇ Chroniques
165 The private sector invades medicare's home town, C. Gray [full text / en bref]
168 New clinics will help soldiers deal with after-effects of overseas service, N. Robb [full text]
169 Vancouver's "vision of hell" requires special type of MD, D. Jones [full text / en bref]

173 On_the_Net@cma.ca ˇ Sur_le_Net@cma.ca
   Computer viruses: Immunize yourself!

  Pulse ˇ Médicogramme
200 Melanoma's toll is on the rise / Le mélanome : bilan à la hausse

ISSN 0820-3946 159(2) 121-200 (1998)