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April 20, 1999 / le 20 avril 1999

CMAJ 1999; 160(8)

© 1999 Canadian Medical Association / Association médicale canadienne

In this issue · Dans ce numéro

    Press release
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Editor's preface
Mot du rédacteur en chef

What persuades doctors to practise in rural areas? An old question, but new evidence suggests that having country roots helps (page 1159). An accompanying editorial relates this finding to possible long-term remedies for the shortage of rural physicians (page 1173).

Doctors in rural areas

1119 News and analysis Nouvelles et analyses
1125 Letters Correspondance
Instructions to correspondents / Directives aux correspondants
1133 President's message Message du président

  Evidence Études
1137 Missed opportunities for prevention in general internal medicine R. Brull, W.A. Ghali, H. Quan [full text / abstract]
1145 Effect of labour induction on rates of stillbirth and cesarean section in post-term pregnancies A.K. Sue-A-Quan, M.E. Hannah, M.M. Cohen, G.A. Foster, R.M. Liston [abstract]
1151 The health and cost effects of substituting home care for inpatient acute care: a review of the evidence L. Soderstrom, P. Tousignant, T. Kaufman [full text / abstract]
1159 Rural background and clinical rural rotations during medical training: effect on practice location M. Easterbrook, M. Godwin, R. Wilson, G. Hodgetts, G. Brown, R. Pong, E. Najgebauer [full text / abstract]
1165 No impact from active dissemination of the Ottawa Ankle Rules: further evidence of the need for local implementation of practice guidelines C. Cameron, C.D. Naylor [full text / abstract]

  Editorials Éditoriaux
1171 Incorporating preventive care recommendations into clinical practice: How do we bridge the gap? J.D. Douketis [full text]
1173 Recruiting rural doctors: ending a Sisyphean task J.D. Tepper, J.T.B. Rourke [full text]
1179 Krever 2008 M.T. Schechter, M.V. O'Shaughnessy [full text]
1181 When atrial fibrillation occurs with pulmonary embolism, is it the chicken or the egg? K.M. Flegel [full text]

  Education Éducation
1185 Tuberculosis: 3. Epidemiology of the disease in Canada R. Long, H. Njoo, E. Hershfield [full text in HTML / full text in PDF]

1193 The Left Atrium De l'Oreille Gauche
  On_the_Net@cma.ca Sur_le_Net@cma.ca
1199 285 days and counting . . ., M. OReilly

  Features Chroniques
1200 The 1999 residency match: finally, some good news for anesthesia P. Sullivan [full text]
1201 Infected MD calls for tougher medical screening of newcomers to Canada B. Sibbald [full text]
1202 MDs hope to cash in on boomers' desire to take control of their health H. Kent
1203 Patients buy peace of mind at breast cancer centre S. Pinker [full text]
1204 Are MDs more intent on maintaining their élite status than in promoting public good? C. Gray [full text / in brief]

  Heart and Soul Gens de cœur
1268 What? A young MD who wants to stay in rural Manitoba? D. Square [full text]