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July 27, 1999 / le 27 juillet 1999

CMAJ 1999; 161(2)

© 1999 Canadian Medical Association / Association médicale canadienne

Important notice: Starting with this issue of CMAJ, all articles are published in full online. For the two July 1999 issues they are also available in portable document format (PDF). To view and print out the PDF documents, you require Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 3.0 and above). To download this viewer (free), or for assistance with Adobe Acrobat Reader, visit the Adobe Systems Web site: www.adobe.com
In this issue · Dans ce numéro

    Press release
    Highlights of this issue

  Editor's Preface ˇ Mot du rédacteur en chef
117 Drug interactions: Who warns the patient?
118 Les interactions médicamenteuses : qui prévient le patient?

Irritable bowel syndrome affects about 15% of adults in Western countries, and symptoms can be triggered by psychological and dietary factors. Recommendations from a 1997 consensus conference on its management in primary care appear on page 154.

Irritable bowel syndrome

122 News and analysis ˇ Nouvelles et analyses [HTML / PDF]
  • Kidney disease on rise in BC
  • New HIV guidelines
  • Shattering the glass ceiling at medical schools
  • A phobia-fighting Web site
  • Pulse: The changing face of AIDS
  • Military has high hopes after MD pay hike
  • Research Update: New test for nasopharyngeal cancer

126 Letters ˇ Correspondance [HTML / PDF]
Instructions to correspondents
  • Improving preventive care
  • Quality control in nursing homes
  • Evolving attitudes
  • Educating med students about alternative therapies
  • Canadian Blood Service

  Evidence ˇ Études
132 Cardiovascular and cancer mortality among Canadians of European, south Asian and Chinese origin from 1979 to 1993: an analysis of 1.2 million deaths
T. Sheth, C. Nair, M. Nargundkar, S. Anand, S. Yusuf
[full article in HTML / full article in PDF]
139 Effects of perceived patient demand on prescribing anti-infective drugs
E. Miller, L.D. MacKeigan, W. Rosser, J. Marshman
[full article in HTML / full article in PDF]
143 Prescribing psychotropic medication for elderly patients: some physicians' perspectives
N. Damestoy, J. Collin, R. Lalande
[full article in HTML / full article in PDF]
146 Use of vitamin B12 injections among elderly patients by primary care practitioners in Ontario
C.G. van Walraven, C.D. Naylor
[full article in HTML / full article in PDF]

  Editorial ˇ Éditorial
152 Understanding the role of ethnicity in chronic disease: a challenge for the new millennium
J. O'Loughlin
[full article in HTML / full article in PDF]

  Education ˇ Éducation
154 Recommendations for the management of irritable bowel syndrome in family practice
W.G. Paterson, W.G. Thompson, S.J. Vanner, T.R. Faloon, W.W. Rosser, R.W. Birtwhistle, J.L. Morse, T.A. Touzel, and the IBS Consensus Conference Participants
[full article in HTML / full article in PDF]
161 New-onset diabetes mellitus associated with protease inhibitor therapy in an HIV-positive patient: case report and review
E.C.C. Lee, S. Walmsley, I.G. Fantus
[full article in HTML / full article in PDF]
165 Smith­Lemli­Opitz syndrome: a treatable inherited error of metabolism causing mental retardation
M.J.M. Nowaczyk, D.T. Whelan, T.W. Heshka, R.E. Hill
[full article in HTML / full article in PDF]

174 The Left Atrium ˇ De l'Oreille Gauche [HTML / PDF]
  • Culture collision (book review by C. Richmond)
  • S. McCutcheon witnesses an end-of-life decision
  • Vincent van Gogh in the asylum at Saint-Rémy

  On_the_Net@cma.ca ˇ Sur_le_Net@cma.ca
180 eCMAJ: evolving at your suggestion
A. Bolster
[full article in HTML / full article in PDF]

  Features ˇ Chroniques
181 Waiting-list Web site "inaccurate" and "misleading," BC doctors complain
H. Kent
[full article in HTML / full article in PDF]
183 Waiting-list worries cause Calgary MDs to prepare letter for patients
S. Lightstone
[full article in HTML / full article in PDF]
185 With salaries on par with those of secretaries, Czech MDs prepare for strike
A. Elash
[full article in HTML / full article in PDF]
186 Vancouver credit union banks on health care investment
H. Kent
[full article in HTML / full article in PDF]
187 New ethical obligations accompany new HIV drugs, conference told
A. Silversides
[full article in HTML / full article in PDF]

223 Deaths ˇ Nécrologie

  Heart and Soul ˇ Gens de cœur
224 Olympics prepared kayaker for medicine's challenges
H. Kent
[full article in HTML / full article in PDF]

  Waiting lists have become controversial in Western Canada. In British Columbia, doctors complain that a waiting-list Web site created by the BC government is inaccurate (page 181). In Calgary, meanwhile, doctors have prepared a letter warning patients about the potential dangers posed by waiting lists (page 183).