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August 10, 1999 / le 10 août 1999

CMAJ 1999; 161(3)

© 1999 Canadian Medical Association / Association médicale canadienne

Important notice: Starting with this issue of CMAJ, all articles are published in full online. For the two July 1999 issues they are also available in portable document format (PDF). To view and print out the PDF documents, you require Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 3.0 and above). To download this viewer (free), or for assistance with Adobe Acrobat Reader, visit the Adobe Systems Web site: www.adobe.com
In this issue · Dans ce numéro

    Press release
    Highlights of this issue

  Editor's Preface · Mot du rédacteur en chef
229 Evidence-based morality
231 La moralité fondée sur des données probantes

The length of hospital stay for childbirth in Canadian hospitals has decreased substantially in recent years. In this issue, Michael Lock and Joel Ray examine the effect on newborn morbidity (page 249).

Length of hospital stay for childbirth

237 News and analysis · Nouvelles et analyses [HTML / PDF]
  • Smog advisories in Ontario
  • The Lancet likes us!
  • Hearing help for musicians
  • Pulse: Canada's greying population
  • Research Update: Disagreement about the impact of electromagnetic fields

245 Letters · Correspondance [HTML / PDF]
Instructions to correspondents
  • Antibiotic prescribing rates
  • Voice recognition software
  • Prostate exams
  • Detecting adverse drug reactions
  • Name that doctor
  • Flight 7 from Macedonia: trauma of a different sort lies ahead for Kosovar refugees [Clarification]

  Evidence · Études
249 Higher neonatal morbidity after routine early hospital discharge: Are we sending newborns home too early?
M. Lock, J.G. Ray
[full article in HTML / full article in PDF]
255 Reference-based pricing of prescription drugs: exploring the equivalence of angiotensin-converting-enzyme inhibitors
C. Bourgault, E. Elstein, J. Le Lorier, S. Suissa
[full article in HTML / full article in PDF]
265 Prevalence and predictors of white-coat response in patients with treated hypertension
M.B. MacDonald, G.P. Laing, M.P. Wilson, T.W. Wilson
[full article in HTML / full article in PDF]

  Editorials · Éditoriaux
273 Evaluating the impact of reference-based pricing
P. Grootendorst, A. Holbrook
[full article in HTML / full article in PDF]
275 Withholding treatment in white-coat hypertension: wishful thinking
J.D. Spence
[full article in HTML / full article in PDF]
277 Accurate blood pressure measurement: Why does it matter?
N.R.C. Campbell, D.W. McKay
[full article in HTML / full article in PDF]

  Education · Éducation
282 Oncology Rehabilitation Program at the Ottawa Regional Cancer Centre: program description
R. Segal, W. Evans, D. Johnson, J. Smith, S.P. Colletta, L. Corsini, R. Reid
[full article in HTML / full article in PDF]
286 Evaluating reference-based pricing: initial findings and prospects
L. Narine, M. Senathirajah, T. Smith
[full article in HTML / full article in PDF]
290 Edmonton Regional Palliative Care Program: impact on patterns of terminal cancer care
E. Bruera, C.M. Neumann, B. Gagnon, C. Brenneis, P. Kneisler, P. Selmser, J. Hanson
[full article in HTML / full article in PDF]

297 The Left Atrium · De l'Oreille Gauche [HTML / PDF]
  • Back on the hook (book review by M. Enkin and A. Jadad)
  • The critical art of Honoré Daumier
  • S. Neilson remembers Swissair flight 111

  On_the_Net@cma.ca · Sur_le_Net@cma.ca
301 Borders mean nothing with CMA's virtual hospital corridor
P. Sullivan
[full article in HTML / full article in PDF]

  Features · Chroniques
303 Hugh Scully first surgeon in 13 years to take CMA helm
B. Sibbald
[full article in HTML / full article in PDF]
305 Move to market gene pool angers Iceland's MDs
P. Sullivan
[full article in HTML / full article in PDF]
306 Billing dispute infuriates Montreal ER doctors, sparks mass-resignation threat
S. Pinker
[full article in HTML / full article in PDF]

351 Deaths · Nécrologie

  Heart and Soul · Gens de cœur
352 Hopes of Manitoba's Liberal leader soar like an eagle
D. Square
[full article in HTML / full article in PDF]

  The CMA's new president spends most of his professional time in the operating room treating cardiac patients, but Dr. Hugh Scully (shown here at trackside) has also played a key role in making auto racing safer around the world. Scully, the first surgeon to head the CMA in 13 years, will assume the presidency later this month during the CMA's 132nd annual meeting (see page 303).