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August 24, 1999 / le 24 août 1999

CMAJ 1999; 161(4)

© 1999 Canadian Medical Association / Association médicale canadienne

Important notice: Starting with this issue of CMAJ, all articles are published in full online. For the two July 1999 issues they are also available in portable document format (PDF). To view and print out the PDF documents, you require Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 3.0 and above). To download this viewer (free), or for assistance with Adobe Acrobat Reader, visit the Adobe Systems Web site: www.adobe.com
In this issue · Dans ce numéro

    Press release
    Highlights of this issue

  Editor's Preface · Mot du rédacteur en chef
357 Deaths, death notices, eulogies and obituaries
358 Décès, avis de décès, éloges funèbres et notices nécrologiques

Home care services are playing a growing role in our health care system. Two studies in this issue examine the provision of home visits by physicians in Quebec (page 369) and by allied home care workers in Ontario (page 376).

361 News and analysis · Nouvelles et analyses [HTML / PDF]
  • Media coverage of health issues
  • Clean bill of health for vinyl toys
  • Dalhousie's ER docs get departmental status
  • Pulse: Looking for an alternative
  • Research Update: Spironolactone saves lives

365 Letters · Correspondance [HTML / PDF]
Instructions to correspondents
  • Considering the cost of CABG
  • Hospital in the home
  • Krever 2008
  • The economics of tobacco use
  • Whiplash cultures
  Evidence · Études
369 Which physicians make home visits and why? A survey
R. Bergeron, A. Laberge, L. Vézina, M. Aubin
[full article in HTML / full article in PDF]
376 Regional variations in the use of home care services in Ontario, 1993/95
P.C. Coyte, W. Young
[full article in HTML / full article in PDF]
381 Going the distance: the influence of practice location on the Ontario Maternal Serum Screening Program
J.A. Permaul-Woods, J.C. Carroll, A.J. Reid, C.A. Woodward, G. Ryan, S. Domb, S. Arbitman, B. Fallis, J. Kilthei
[full article in HTML / full article in PDF]
388 Confidential prescriber feedback and education to improve antibiotic use in primary care: a controlled trial
J.E. Hux, M.P. Melady, D. DeBoer
[full article in HTML / full article in PDF]
393 Assessing the quality of newspaper medical advice columns for elderly readers
F.J. Molnar, M. Man-Son-Hing, W.B. Dalziel, S.L. Mitchell, B.E. Power, A.M. Byszewski, P. St. John
[full article in HTML / full article in PDF]

  Editorials · Éditoriaux
397 Who's afraid of the newspaper advice column?
V. Entwistle
[full article in HTML / full article in PDF]
399 Voting ourselves rights: a critique of the Canadian Medical Association Charter for Physicians
N. Kenny, C. Weijer, F. Baylis
[full article in HTML / full article in PDF]
400 Why physicians need a charter
D. MacCarthy
[full article in HTML / full article in PDF]

  Education · Éducation
405 Tuberculosis: 9. Treatment
E. Hershfield
[full article in HTML / full article in PDF]
413 Elevated levels of serum creatinine: recommendations for management and referral
D.C. Mendelssohn, B.J. Barrett; L.M. Brownscombe, J. Ethier, D.E. Greenberg, S.D. Kanani, A. Levin, E.B. Toffelmire
[full article in HTML / full article in PDF]

418 The Left Atrium · De l'Oreille Gauche [HTML / PDF]
  • Suicide and survival (book review by P.S. Links)
  • R. Patterson fends off some bullies
  • Early medical photography
  • W. Seufert on barber surgeons

  On_the_Net@cma.ca · Sur_le_Net@cma.ca
423 Pulling the shades on Internet data thieves
M. OReilly

  Features · Chroniques
424 Leak of abortion information creates turmoil at Foothills
R. Cairney
[full article in HTML / full article in PDF]
426 There's a new sheriff at Tunney's Pasture
C. Gray
[full article in HTML / full article in PDF]
428 Alberta MDs line up against "antiphysician" billing restrictions
B. Sibbald
[full article in HTML / full article in PDF]
429 Consumers rush to buy wares at Canada's travelling "health show"
J. Hass
[full article in HTML / full article in PDF]

463 Deaths · Nécrologie

  Heart and Soul · Gens de cœur
464 Marathon canoeing: First, bring lots of NSAIDs
M. OReilly
[full article in HTML / full article in PDF]

First there was marathon running, and now there's marathon canoeing. For Dr. Scot Saltstone of Powassan, Ont., marathon canoeing means paddling 65 km in 7 hours. And he actually enjoys it (page 464).

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