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May 16, 2000 / le 16 mai 2000

CMAJ 2000; 162(10)

Highlights of this issue

An outbreak of Escherichia coli infection in southern Ontario prompted public health officials to mount an intensive investigation to identify the source (page 1409). Commentator Susan Tamblyn says that we must be proactive in adopting measures to ensure the safety of our food supply (page 1429).

Escherichia coli infection outbreak

  Editorial · Éditorial
1393 Scientific reporting of ethnicity, age, sex and race [HTML / PDF]
1395 Rapports scientifiques sur l'origine ethnique, l'âge, le sexe et la race [HTML / PDF]

1401 Letters Correspondance [PDF]
Instructions to correspondents

  Research Recherche
1409 Illness outbreak associated with Escherichia coli O157:H7 in Genoa salami
R.C. Williams, S. Isaacs, M.L. Decou, E.A. Richardson, M.C. Buffett, R.W. Slinger, M.H. Brodsky, B.W. Ciebin, A. Ellis, J. Hockin, and the E. coli O157:H7 Working Group
1415 Treatment and outcomes of community-acquired pneumonia at Canadian hospitals
B.G. Feagan, T.J. Marrie, C.Y. Lau, S.L. Wheeler, C.J. Wong, M.K. Vandervoort
1421 Postmenopausal estrogen replacement therapy and increased rates of cholecystectomy and appendectomy
M.M. Mamdani, K. Tu, C. van Walraven, P.C. Austin, C.D. Naylor

  Commentary Commentaire
1429 The frustrations of fighting foodborne disease
S.E. Tamblyn
1431 Screening for lung cancer: Can it be cost-effective?
O.S. Miettinen

  Review Synthèse
1441 Recommendations for the management and treatment of dyslipidemia: report of the Working Group on Hypercholesterolemia and Other Dyslipidemias
J.G. Fodor, J.J. Frohlich, J.J.G. Genest, P.R. McPherson, for the Working Group on Hypercholesterolemia and Other Dyslipidemias
1451 Carotid angioplasty and stenting: current status
D.M. Pelz, S.P. Lownie

1457 The Left Atrium De l'Oreille Gauche [HTML / PDF]
  • Urgent alphabet (book review by B.E. Hanley)
  • A history lesson
  • All forgiveness
  • Writing in migraine mode
  • One thousand words
  • The tattered map of childhood

1463 News and analysis Nouvelles et analyses [PDF]
1477 OMA fights rising tuition fees with bursaries, other provinces to follow suit
B. Sibbald
1478 Canada hopes to climb the DNA ladder to success
C. Brown
1481 MDs get crash course in Inuit culture as young patients arrive in Ottawa
H. Kent

1539 Deaths Nécrologie

  Heart and Soul Gens de cœur
1540 One doctor, 150 countries
S. Pinker

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