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July 11, 2000 / le 11 juillet 2000

CMAJ 2000; 163(1)

Highlights of this issue

Hyperhomocysteinemia may be linked to the development of coronary artery disease. The Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care reviews the evidence of this association and the effect of lowering homocysteine levels through vitamin therapy (page 21 and page 37).

(Photo: Art Explosion; design: Nicole Barbeau)

Hyperhomocysteinemia and coronary artery disease

  Editorial • Éditorial
5 A treatise on water
7 Un traité sur l'eau

13 Letters • Correspondance [PDF]
Instructions to correspondents

  Research • Recherche
21 Preventive health care, 2000 update: screening and management of hyperhomocysteinemia for the prevention of coronary artery disease events
G.L. Booth, E.E.L. Wang, with the Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care
  Le point sur les soins de santé préventifs en l'an 2000 : Dépistage et traitement de l'hyperhomocystéinémie pour la prévention des accidents coronariens
G.L. Booth, E.E.L. Wang, et le Groupe d'étude canadien sur les soins de santé préventifs
31 Changes in the treatment and outcomes of acute myocardial infarction in Quebec, 1988-1995
L. Pilote, F. Lavoie, V. Ho, M.J. Eisenberg

  Commentary • Commentaire
37 Homocysteine: To screen and treat or to wait and see?
J. Genest Jr., M.-C. Audelin, E. Lonn
38 Sudden neck movement and cervical artery dissection
J.W. Norris, V. Beletsky, Z.G. Nadareishvili, on behalf of the Canadian Stroke Consortium
41 Acute myocardial infarction in Canada: improvement with time
A. Dodek
43 Who wants to pay for health care?
R.B. Deber

  Review • Synthèse
49 Emerging relations between infectious diseases and coronary artery disease and atherosclerosis
I.W. Fong
57 Choosing a first-line drug in the management of elevated blood pressure: What is the evidence? 1. Thiazide diuretics
J.M. Wright
61 Expansion of gambling in Canada: implications for health and social policy
D.A. Korn

69 The Left Atrium • De l'Oreille Gauche [HTML / PDF]
  • Challenges and choices (book review by A. Silversides)
  • What I could not return
  • R is for writing
  • Packaging Picasso

73 News and analysis • Nouvelles et analyses [PDF]

143 Deaths • Nécrologie

  Heart & Soul • Gens de cœur
144 "Hey Dad, it's one-armed Will"
S. Wemp

Health Canada
In this issue of the
Canadian Adverse Drug Reaction Newsletter [PDF]
  • Potentially harmful drug interaction with
    St. John's wort and prescription drugs
  • Olanzapine (Zyprexa®): suspected serious reactions
  • Sildenafil (ViagraTM): cardiac risks
  • New bureau name
  • Communiqué
  • Drugs of Current Interest

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