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November 28, 2000 / le 28 novembre 2000

CMAJ  2000; 163(11)
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•  Letters
•  Research
•  Commentary
•  Review
•  The Left Atrium
•  News and Analysis
•  Deaths
•  Heart & Soul
Overweight and obese children
More Canadian children are becoming overweight and obese (page 1429), with serious ramifications for public health (page 1461). The economic burden of physical inactivity in Canada (page 1435) provides a compelling argument for exercise, but it may be insufficient to motivate Canadians to become physically active (page 1467).

  Editorial • Éditorial
1417 Leadership and fecal coliforms: Walkerton 2000
1419 Leadership et coliformes fécaux : Walkerton 2000

1423 Letters • Correspondance [PDF]
Instructions to correspondents

  Research • Recherche
1429 Secular trends in the body mass index of Canadian children
M.S. Tremblay, J.D. Willms
1435 The economic burden of physical inactivity in Canada
P.T. Katzmarzyk, N. Gledhill, R.J. Shephard
1441 Hematologic dyscrasia associated with ticlopidine therapy: evidence for causality
F.L. Paradiso-Hardy, C.M. Angelo, K.L. Lanctôt, E.A. Cohen
1451 Preventive health care, 2000 update: prevention of child maltreatment
H.L. MacMillan with the Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care
  Soins de santé préventifs, mise à jour 2000 : Prévention de la violence faite aux enfants
H.L. MacMillan avec le Groupe d'étude canadien sur les soins de santé préventifs

  Commentary • Commentaire
1461 The spread of the childhood obesity epidemic
R.E. Andersen
1463 Bayesian assessment of adverse drug reactions
T.A. Hutchinson
1465 Clinical decision rules in the emergency department
I.G. Stiell
1467 Will increasing fiscal resources promote physical fitness?
R.L. Kaman
  Occasional Essay • Réflexion
1468 Views of mental illness in Morocco: Western medicine meets the traditional symbolic
D. Stein

  Review • Synthèse
1471 Environment and health: 6. Endocrine disruption and potential human health implications
G.M. Solomon, T. Schettler
1477 Program description: a hospitalist-run, medical short-stay unit in a teaching hospital
H.A. Abenhaim, S.R. Kahn, J. Raffoul, M.R. Becker
1481 Bioethics for clinicians: 20. Chinese bioethics
K.W. Bowman, E.C. Hui

1486 The Left Atrium • De l'Oreille Gauche [HTML / PDF]
  • AIDS on the front line (book review by P.B. Berger)
  • A Good Friday? S. Carr
  • The other patients C. Dewar
  • Tangles D. Lara

1490 News and analysis • Nouvelles et analyses [PDF]

1539 Deaths • Nécrologie

  Heart & Soul • Gens de cœur
1540 A disarming doctor
B. Sibbald

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