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December 12, 2000 / le 12 décembre 2000

CMAJ  2000; 163(12)
Medicine — the Rough Guide

•  Editorial
•  Greetings from the staff
•  Letters
•  Research of the holiday kind
•  Oh, Canada!
•  Canadians Out of Bounds
•  Essays and Explorations
•  Data
Holiday review

  Editorial • Éditorial
1545 Contemplation: of medicine and electronics
1547 Réflexion : de la médecine et de l'électronique
1551 Greetings from the staff
1553 Letters • Correspondance [PDF]
Instructions to correspondents

  Research of the Holiday Kind
1557 Pathology in the Hundred Acre Wood: a neurodevelopmental perspective on A.A. Milne
S.E. Shea, K. Gordon, A. Hawkins, J. Kawchuk, D. Smith
1562 Stethoscopes at rest: the efficacy of traditional versus "cool" placement
W.B. Hanley, A.J.G. Hanley
1566 Will this emergency department patient be referred to internal medicine?
J.A. Silverman, M.L. Kohn, on behalf of the REferrals From the ER (REFER) Investigators
1570 How to read clinical journals: X. How to react when your colleagues haven't read a thing
S.L. Shumak, D.A. Redelmeier
1576 An unexpected benefit of pre-emptive rectal analgesic administration: the "key" to postoperative analgesia
J.L. Parlow

  Oh, Canada !
1581 Fifty years at the University of Western Ontario
1582 Here in Placentia...
D. Keegan
1583 Unrest in the West
M. Johnston
1584 Climbing to the top
R. Patterson
1584 Northern pleasures
B. Hanley
1585 Rant and roar, like a true Newfoundlander
B.L. Deady
1586 Medicare, 1949
1588 This land is our land
W. Arkinstall
1588 Canadian diagnostic and nonstatistical manual of mental disorders (CDNSM-1)
P. Lightfoot

  Canadians Out of Bounds
1590 The aftermath of war: in the minefields of Mozambique
C. O'Connell
1591 A snapshot of Canadians in 2000
1594 Dispatches from abroad: aground in a sea of TB
D. Kittle
1595 To boldly go ...
A. Sinclair
1598 Days of the Hajj
V. Hanlon
1601 Dispatches from abroad: laughter amid the land mines
M. Mayhew
1602 Lester's little gift
P.B. Charlebois
1603 Be Santa to the world's hungry
B. Sibbald
1605 Dispatches from abroad: fighting maternal mortality in a former Soviet republic
M. Skinnider
1606 "Tiene sangre in su caca?"
C.E. Caplan

  Essays and Explorations

1608 Over troubled waters
L. Hazelton
1612 Reflections from the edge
D.N. Sheehy
1613 Family medicine, 2012
S. McRae
1616 Kingfisher
G. Roedde
1620 The continent of cancer
A. Wilson
1623 Birdsong
R. Bayne
1625 Reading bodies, not books
P.M. Singh


1684 The last gasp

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