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September 5, 2000 / le 5 septembre 2000

CMAJ 2000; 163(5)

Highlights of this issue

Atlas's burden is threatened by unprecedented population growth and industrialization. In this issue, Michael McCally introduces a new CMAJ series that explores the potential effects of global environmental change on human health (page 533). Joseph Speidel focuses on the ramifications of population growth and consumption (page 551).

(Graphic courtesy of Alan King)

Population growth and industrializationh

  Editorial • Éditorial
489 Ecosystem evasion and health
491 L'évasion de l'écosystème et la santé

495 Letters • Correspondance [PDF]
Instructions to correspondents

  Research • Recherche
503 Prevalence and predictors of human papillomavirus infection in women in Ontario, Canada
J.W. Sellors, J.B. Mahony, J. Kaczorowski, A. Lytwyn, H. Bangura, S. Chong, A. Lorincz, D.M. Dalby, V. Janjusevic, J.L. Keller, for the Survey of HPV in Ontario Women (SHOW) Group
513 Comparison of self-collected vaginal, vulvar and urine samples with physician-collected cervical samples for human papillomavirus testing to detect high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesions
J.W. Sellors, A.T. Lorincz, J.B. Mahony, I. Mielzynska, A. Lytwyn, P. Roth, M. Howard, S. Chong, D. Daya, W. Chapman, M. Chernesky
523 Evaluating the benefits of antimicrobial prophylaxis to prevent urinary tract infections in children: a systematic review
N. Le Saux, B. Pham, D. Moher

  Commentary • Commentaire
533 Environment and health: an overview
M. McCally
535 Screening for cervical cancer: Should we test for infection with high-risk HPV?
C.J.L.M. Meijer, P.J.F. Snijders, A.J.C. van den Brule
  Controversy • Controverse
543 Colorectal cancer screening: Now is the time
S.J. Winawer, A.G. Zauber
545 Population-based fecal occult blood screening for colon cancer: Will the benefits outweigh the harm?
K.G. Marshall
547 Rebuttal
S.J. Winawer, A.G. Zauber
548 Rebuttal
K.G. Marshall

  Review • Synthèse
551 Environment and health: 1. Population, consumption and human health
J.J. Speidel
561 Type 2 diabetes mellitus in Canada's First Nations: status of an epidemic in progress
T.K. Young, J. Reading, B. Elias, J.D. O'Neil
571 Postoperative tetanus: a case report
K.C. Katz, S.L. Walmsley

577 The Left Atrium • De l'Oreille Gauche
  • Reading Freedman (book review by D. Novak)
  • In search of aequanimitas
  • Learning to act like a doctor

581 News and analysis • Nouvelles et analyses [PDF]

683 Deaths • Nécrologie

  Heart & Soul • Gens de cœur
684 MD explores hidden history of Captain Cook's journey to Newfoundland
B. Ryan

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