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May 29, 2001 / le 29 mai 2001

CMAJ  2001:164(11)
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•  Letters
•  Research
•  Commentary
•  Review

•  The Left Atrium
•  News
•  Deaths
•  Heart & Soul
Runners anterior knee pain
Spring weather means more runners on Canadian streets and more complaints of anterior knee pain. In this issue, Jack Taunton and Michael Wilkinson review how to diagnose and treat anterior knee disorders (page 1595).

  Editorial • Éditorial
1557 Driven to distraction: cellular phones and traffic accidents
1559 Les téléphones cellulaires et les accidents de la circulation

1563 Letters • Correspondance
Instructions to correspondents
  • Obesity in Canadian children R. Auer, et al [HTML / PDF]; M. Finkelstein [HTML / PDF]; P.T. Katzmarzyk [HTML / PDF]; responses: M. Tremblay, J.D. Willms [HTML / PDF]; R. Andersen [HTML / PDF]
  • D is for drug addiction — and disability P.B. Berger [HTML / PDF]
  • Fie on this book review C.M. Godfrey [HTML / PDF]; response: V.M. Hanlon [HTML / PDF]
  • Travel warning issued after polio outbreak in Dominican Republic, Haiti [Correction]

  Research • Recherche
1567 Abuse: A risk factor for low birth weight? A systematic review and meta-analysis
C.C. Murphy, B. Schei, T.L. Myhr, J. Du Mont
1573 Reviewing the reviewers: the quality of reporting in three secondary journals
P.J. Devereaux, B.J. Manns, W.A. Ghali, H. Quan, G.H. Guyatt
  Research Letter • Exposé de recherche
1577 The underuse of probiotics by family physicians
L. Edmunds

  Commentary • Commentaire
1578 Abuse during pregnancy: a quintessential threat to maternal and child health — so when do we start to act?
J.C. Campbell
1580 Reports of reports: How good are secondary publications in medicine?
F. Davidoff
1581 Car phones and car crashes: some popular misconceptions
D.A. Redelmeier, R.J. Tibshirani

  Review • Synthèse
1583 Rationing medical care: rhetoric and reality in the Oregon Health Plan
J. Oberlander, T. Marmor, L. Jacobs
1589 Bioethics for clinicians: 26. Assisted reproductive technologies
L. Shanner, J. Nisker
1595 Rheumatology: 14. Diagnosis and management of anterior knee pain
J.E. Taunton, M. Wilkinson

1602 The Left Atrium • De l'oreille gauche [HTML]
  • M.T. Greenwood reviews Patricia Van Tighem's The bear's embrace [PDF]
  • Colin Rankin learns about power tools [PDF]
  • David McMillan photographs the Chernobyl evacuation zone [PDF]
  • L. Hazelton stands under Jacob's ladder [PDF]

1607 News • Nouvelles
  • Large fee increase in hand, Alberta goes courting Canada's MDs [HTML / PDF]
  • Drug giants drop suit against South African drug law [HTML / PDF]
  • Places to smoke going way of the dinosaurs? [HTML / PDF]
  • FDA issues warning on propofol (Diprivan) [HTML / PDF]
  • Global crusade to combat measles [HTML / PDF]
  • Special CDC Web site debunks Internet's medical urban legends [HTML / PDF]
  • Can we afford medicare? Romanow to find out [HTML / PDF]
  • First double-lung transplant recipient dies [HTML / PDF]
  • Tuition fees continue upward spiral, hit new high at Western [HTML / PDF]
  • On the Net: Virtually there: take a medical school tour without leaving home [HTML / PDF]
  • Pulse: The rural and urban realities of family medicine [HTML / PDF]
  • Bush marches to own beat as patient-rights initiative takes off in US [HTML / PDF]
  • Death but one unintended consequence of gene-therapy trial [HTML / PDF]
  • Clinical Update: The sodium-restricted DASH diet lowers blood pressure [HTML / PDF]
  • Public Health: Measles in your office [HTML / PDF]

1647 Deaths • Nécrologie

1648 Heart & Soul • Gens de cœur
A career shaped by a father's death
H. Kent

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