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February 6, 2001 / le 6 février 2001

CMAJ  2001; 164(3)
Highlights of this issue
•  Editorial
•  Letters
•  Research
•  Commentary
•  Review
•  The Left Atrium
•  News
•  Deaths
•  Heart & Soul
Helping physicians understand themselves
How can a physician "read" the elements that underpin his or her clinical judgement? The elements might seem as intangible as the puffs of a smoke signal. In this issue, Donald Redelmeier and colleagues introduce a new series of articles to help physicians understand themselves, their patients and their environment (page 358).

  Editorial • Éditorial
317 A cure for miracles
319 Une cure pour les miracles

323 Letters • Correspondance
Instructions to correspondents

  Research • Recherche
329 Predictors of mammography use among Canadian women aged 50–69: findings from the 1996/97 National Population Health Survey
C.J. Maxwell, C.M. Bancej, J. Snider
337 The effect of income pooling within a call group on rates of obstetric intervention
E.S. Bland, L.W. Oppenheimer, P. Holmes, Shi Wu Wen
343 Devolution to democratic health authorities in Saskatchewan: an interim report
S.J. Lewis, D. Kouri, C.A. Estabrooks, H. Dickinson, J.J. Dutchak, J.I. Williams, C. Mustard, J. Hurley

  Commentary • Commentaire
351 Proof versus plausibility: rules of engagement for the struggle to evaluate alternative cancer therapies
L.J. Hoffer
353 New insights into the physiology and pharmacology of vitamin C
S.J. Padayatty, M. Levine
356 Past concerns and future roles for regional health boards
J. Lomas
358 Problems for clinical judgement: introducing cognitive psychology as one more basic science
D.A. Redelmeier, L.E. Ferris, J.V. Tu, J.E. Hux, M.J. Schull

  Review • Synthèse
365 Environment and health: 8. Sustainable health care and emerging ethical responsibilities
A. Jameton, J. Pierce
372 The fainting patient: value of the head-upright tilt-table test in adult patients with orthostatic intolerance
M. Lamarre-Cliche, J. Cusson
377 Transfusion-transmitted malaria in Canada
R. Slinger, A. Giulivi, M. Bodie-Collins, F. Hindieh, R. St. John, G. Sher, M. Goldman, M. Ricketts, K.C. Kain

382 The Left Atrium • De l'Oreille Gauche [HTML]
  • Secular trends (book review by A.M. Todkill) [PDF]
  • A.J. Lupin performs a miracle [PDF]
  • W.D. Gutowski detects one [PDF]
  • J. Duffin ponders the meaning of another [PDF]
  • One thousand words [PDF]

387 News • Nouvelles
  • South Africa appeals to Canada to stop recruiting its MDs [HTML / PDF]
  • Casinos bring ill fortune, psychiatrists warn [HTML / PDF]
  • Many US MDs approve physician involvement in executions [HTML / PDF]
  • New funding for chairs in women's health [HTML / PDF]
  • Oh bother: CMAJ's Pooh article reaches around the world [HTML / PDF]
  • Albertans overestimate MDs' fees [HTML / PDF]
  • New needlestick law for US [HTML / PDF]
  • CF Medical Branch seeks new colonel commandant [HTML / PDF]
  • Conference Report: Cardiovascular congress wrap-up [HTML / PDF]
  • Winnipeg inquest recommendation could leave young MDs in lurch, expert warns [HTML / PDF]
  • MD a "fascist" for leading antismoking drive [HTML / PDF]
  • On the Net: Multilingual medicine in the global village [HTML / PDF]
  • BMJ on PubMed Central [HTML / PDF]
  • Canadian specialist joins elite US body [HTML / PDF]
  • Pulse: Teen pregnancy rate down, abortion rate up [HTML / PDF]
  • Manitoba increases med school enrolment in attempt to fight doctor deficit [HTML / PDF]
  • Clinical Update: ASA or low-molecular-weight heparin in the initial management of acute ischemic stroke complicating atrial fibrillation? [HTML / PDF]
  • Public Health: Inhalant use and addiction in Canada [HTML / PDF]

447 Deaths • Nécrologie

Heart & Soul • Gens de cœur
448 Radiating a certain kindness in Montreal
S. Pinker

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