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March 20, 2001 / le 20 mars 2001

CMAJ  2001; 164(6)
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•  Letters
•  Research
•  Commentary
•  Review
•  The Left Atrium
•  News
•  Deaths
•  Heart & Soul
New treatment strategies for addictions
In this issue, Denise Tomkins and Edward Sellers review some of the advances in research on the neurobiological underpinnings of addiction and discuss the promise these findings hold for new treatment strategies (page 817).

  Editorial • Éditorial
741 Hospitalizing the homeless
743 L'hospitalisation des sans-abri

747 Letters • Correspondance
Instructions to correspondents

  Research • Recherche
757 Evidence to action: a tailored multifaceted approach to changing family physician practice patterns and improving preventive care
J. Lemelin, W. Hogg, N. Baskerville
767 Sex-specific determinants of HIV infection among injection drug users in Montreal
J. Bruneau, F. Lamothe, J. Soto, N. Lachance, J. Vincelette, A. Vassal, E.L. Franco
777 Influence of bone densitometry results on the treatment of osteoporosis
N.S. Fitt, S.L. Mitchell, A. Cranney, K. Gulenchyn, M. Huang, P. Tugwell
  Research Letter • Exposé de recherche
785 Pill-splitting in a long-term care facility
M.S. Fischbach, J.L. Gold, M. Lee, J.M. Dergal, G.M. Litner, P.A. Rochon

  Commentary • Commentaire
790 Facilitating the integration of prevention in primary care: a work in progress
M.-D. Beaulieu
794 The Senate report on end-of-life care: the ball is in our court
H.M. Chochinov
798 Alberta's Bill 11: Will trade tribunals set domestic health policy?
S.E.D. Shortt
802 Injection drug use and despair through the lens of gender
P.M. Spittal, M.T. Schechter
803 Statins and bones
M.H. Moghadasian, J.J. Frohlich

  Review • Synthèse
809 Problems for clinical judgement: 2. Obtaining a reliable past medical history
D.A. Redelmeier, J.V. Tu, M.J. Schull, L.E. Ferris, J.E. Hux
817 Addiction and the brain: the role of neurotransmitters in the cause and treatment of drug dependence
D.M. Tomkins, E.M. Sellers
825 The illegality of private health care in Canada
C.M. Flood, T. Archibald
833 Bioethics for clinicians: 24. Brain death
N.M. Lazar, S. Shemie, G.C. Webster, B.M. Dickens

840 The Left Atrium • De l'Oreille Gauche [HTML]
  • Final crossing (book review by E.J. Latimer) [PDF]
  • At wit's end (theatre review by H. Kent) [PDF]
  • I.A. Cameron stays away from the edge of the cliff [PDF]
  • Illness and metaphor (J. Donne) [PDF]
  • L. Lovo takes safety precautions [PDF]
  • All forgiveness [PDF]

847 News • Nouvelles
  • Abortion services in Canada: a patchwork quilt with many holes [HTML / PDF]
  • Over-the-counter emergency contraception available soon across country? [HTML / PDF]
  • Getting the facts straight about Canadian health care [HTML / PDF]
  • Saskatchewan courts its specialists with cash [HTML / PDF]
  • Disability tax credit eligibility expanded [HTML / PDF]
  • Fed's approach to genetically modified products criticized [HTML / PDF]
  • Canada lags in development of report cards for hospitals [HTML / PDF]
  • CIHR announces first research grants [HTML / PDF]
  • One in 4 Canadians smokes, Ottawa reports [HTML / PDF]
  • Supplementary fees a necessity, physicians argue [HTML / PDF]
  • Regulate tongue piercing, dentist advises [HTML / PDF]
  • A shortage of doctors? What shortage? [HTML / PDF]
  • Manitoba minister says "No" to private surgical centre [HTML / PDF]
  • Pulse: Canada's physicians: the rising cost of doing business [HTML / PDF]
  • No public funding for flu-fighting drug: report [HTML / PDF]
  • On the Net: Build a simple Web site for your practice in less than an hour [HTML / PDF]
  • World Wide Web nets study subjects for Alberta islet cell researchers [HTML / PDF]
  • Clinical Update: Combination treatment effective option for hypertensive, diabetic patients with microalbuminuria [HTML / PDF]
  • Public Health: Navel gazing: a clinical glimpse at body piercing [HTML / PDF]

951 Deaths • Nécrologie

Heart & Soul • Gens de cœur
952 Trying to "multiply the goodness"
J. Hass

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