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September 18, 2001
September 18, 2001 / le 18 septembre 2001
CMAJ  2001:165(6)

It is widely held that telemedicine will revolutionize patient care, medical research, medical education and the administration of health services. Contributors to this issue review the current status of telemedicine (page 765), comment on trends that will affect how Canadian physicians practise in the future (page 777) and provide a perspective from Africa (page 780).

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   •  Letters
   •  Research
   •  Commentary
   •  Review
   •  The Left Atrium
   •  News
   •  Deaths
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  Editorial • Éditorial
733 Look, no strings: publishing industry-funded research
735 La publication de recherches financées par l'industrie : sans attaches

739 Letters • Correspondance
Instructions to correspondents
  • The merits of new alternatives to the Papanicolaou test — E. Ellison [HTML / PDF]; response: E.L. Franco, et al [HTML / PDF]
  • Support groups for people carrying a BRCA mutation — M. Dorval, et al [HTML / PDF]; response: L.S. Di Prospero, et al [HTML / PDF]
  • Funding of global health research — B. Singer [HTML / PDF]; response: V.R. Neufeld [HTML / PDF]
  • Talking cigarette packs are not the answer — M.G. Leith [HTML / PDF]
  • Occupational health Web site — G.M. Liss, L.S. Cheung [HTML / PDF]
  • Clinical practice guidelines for the care and treatment of breast cancer: 13. Sentinel lymph node biopsy [Correction]

  Research • Rechèrche
749 Completed suicides among the Inuit of northern Quebec, 1982–1996: a case–control study
L.J. Boothroyd, L.J. Kirmayer, S. Spreng, M. Malus, S. Hodgins
759 Outcomes and costs of coronary artery bypass grafting: comparison between octogenarians and septuagenarians at a tertiary care centre
K.M. Smith, A. Lamy, H.M. Arthur, A. Gafni, R. Kent
765 Assessing telemedicine: a systematic review of the literature
R. Roine, A. Ohinmaa, D. Hailey

  Commentary • Commentaire
775 Evidence or faith? Coronary artery bypass grafting in elderly patients
W.A. Ghali, M.M. Graham
777 Information technology and telemedicine
G. Wallace
780 Telemedicine in Africa: potential, problems, priorities
E.M. Einterz
781 The modern scientific physician: 3. Scientific diagnosis
O.S. Miettinen
783 Dancing with the porcupine: rules for governing the university–industry relationship
S. Lewis, P. Baird, R.G. Evans, W.A. Ghali, C.J. Wright, E. Gibson, et al
786 Sponsorship, authorship and accountability
F. Davidoff, C.D. DeAngelis, J.M. Drazen, M.G. Nicholls, J. Hoey, L. Højgaard, et al

  Review • Synthèse
791 New advances in the management of acute coronary syndromes: 2. Fibrinolytic therapy for acute ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction
P.W. Armstrong

801 The Left Atrium • De l'oreille gauche [HTML]
  • Falling place (book review by B.M. Mount) [PDF]
  • Ethics undone (book review by D.J. Doyle) [PDF]
  • R.C. Hamilton learns some emergency psychiatry the hard way [PDF]
  • R. Cronin takes a retrospective view of artist Gathie Falk [PDF]
  • Yard sales (poem by R.C. Dickson) [PDF]

807 News • Nouvelles
  • Romanow promises change, and lots of it [HTML / PDF]
  • MDs' postop directives a medicolegal land mine: CMPA [HTML / PDF]
  • Developing countries given easier access to biomedical journals [HTML / PDF]
  • CMAJ criticized during annual meeting [HTML / PDF]
  • Alberta gets new weapons in cancer fight [HTML / PDF]
  • Profession seeks prescription for solving pharmacist shortage [HTML / PDF]
  • Maritimes' only pediatric cardiovascular surgeon off to Alberta [HTML / PDF]
  • Patients' bills of rights regarded with scepticism in UK [HTML / PDF]
  • AIDS: After 20 years, complacency [HTML / PDF]
  • On the Net: Open-source medical software on the net [HTML / PDF]
  • Community becoming a classroom for medical students [HTML / PDF]
  • Patenting move ends BC's gene-testing program [HTML / PDF]
  • Pulse: Canada has 57 803 active MDs: CIHI [HTML / PDF]
  • Clinical Update: Elderly patients with coronary artery disease: Is pravastatin an answer? [HTML / PDF]
  • Public Health: School's back, and so is the lowly louse [HTML / PDF]

871 Deaths • Nécrologie
  Heart & Soul • Gens de cœur
872 Saviour of lives
B. Sibbald

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