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Index of Book Reviews by DATE (1980-85)

Dragon Fall
Lee J. Hindle
Reviewed by Barbara Conquest
Grades 8 to 10
1985 July

Hard-Earned Wages: Women Fighting for Better Work
Jennifer Penney
Reviewed by donalee Moulton-Barrett
Grades 11 and up
1984 May

Book Reviews | Feature Stories

Index of Video Reviews by DATE (1980-85)

Toronto: The Metropolis
Produced by Robert B. Mansour
Reviewer unknown
Grades 6 and up
1984 May

Video Reviews | Book Reviews

Index of Feature Stories by DATE (1980-85)

The Canadian Studies Foundation
Author unknown
1981 Issue 2

Canadian Foundation for Economic Education
Hampson, Pamela
1981 Issue 3

Focus on Canada
Heaton, Joan VanSickle
1981 Issue 4

Canadian Studies Office / Association of Canadian Community Colleges
Elmes, Roger
1982 Issue 2

The Canadian Plains Research Center
Gordon, W. Anthony
1982 Issue 3

Children's Literature Service National Library of Canada
Aubrey, Irene E.
1982 November

The National Film Board of Canada
Martin, Gordon
1983 March

Statistics Canada: Meeting the needs of an information age
Huggins, Brian
1983 May

Anansi at Fifteen: A Spider's Life
Polk, James
1983 July

The Writers' Development Trust at a Turning Point
Derry, Ramsay
1983 November

Canadian Music Centre musique canadienne
Julien, David A.
1984 January

The Legal Resource Centre: The Legal Education Network
Gariepy, Raymond
1984 March

Canadian Materials in Schools
Author unknown
1984 May

Theytus Books
Author unknown
1984 November

Kids' Records
Taylor, Elayne
1985 January

Students' Knowledge and Attitudes Regarding Canada: A Survey of Grade Twelve Students
Anderson, Robert M.
1985 March

Summit Film Productions: A Canadian Communicator
Robinson, Marylin C.
1985 May

Mariposa in the Schools
Byer, Sandy
1985 July

Reference Press
Ripley, Gordon
1985 September

The Economics of Canadian Children's Book Publishing
Wilks, Rick
1985 November



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