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Combatting Counterfeiting

Canada's bank notes have many security features that are easy to use but difficult to copy or counterfeit. Learn more.

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The Bank of Canada's Roles

The Bank of Canada is the country's sole bank note-issuing authority and is responsible for designing, producing, and distributing Canada's bank notes.

Design and Production

It can take several years to design a series of bank notes, and once the design has been approved, the Bank contracts the printing of the bank notes to two security printing companies: Canadian Bank Note Company, Limited and BA International Inc. The bank notes are printed 45 to a sheet, cut, and delivered to the Bank. More facts and figures.


The Bank of Canada must be prepared to supply financial institutions with enough bank notes to satisfy public demand. Financial institutions get bank notes through the country's Bank Note Distribution System and return notes that are considered unfit for further circulation to the Bank of Canada. These notes are verified on high-speed, note-processing equipment and then shredded. The resulting shred is disposed of in landfill sites.

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