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Frequently Asked Questions: The Bank's Roles
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About the Bank

What We Do

As the nation's central bank, the Bank of Canada has five main areas of responsibility:

Monetary Policy

The goal of monetary policy is to contribute to solid economic performance and rising living standards for Canadians by keeping inflation low, stable, and predictable. Learn more.

Bank Notes

The Bank issues Canada's bank notes and is responsible for their design and security, distribution, and replacement. Learn more.

Financial System

The Bank actively promotes safe, sound, and efficient financial systems, both within Canada and internationally. Learn more.

Funds Management

The Bank of Canada provides high-quality, effective, and efficient funds-management services for the federal government, the Bank, and other clients. Learn more.

Retail Debt Services

Under its retail debt program, the government issues Canada Savings Bonds and Canada Premium Bonds. The Bank is responsible for providing support and advice for this program. Learn more.