Bank of Canada

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(Left to right)
Tiff Macklem, Deputy Governor; Sheryl Kennedy, Deputy Governor; Mark Jewett, General Counsel/Corporate Secretary; David Dodge, Governor; Sheila Vokey, Chief of Financial Services; Paul Jenkins, Senior Deputy Governor.

Janet Cosier, Adviser on Strategic Planning and Risk Management; David Longworth, Deputy Governor; Pierre Duguay, Deputy Governor; Sheila Niven, Chief of Corporate Services.

About the Bank

Management and Administration

Executive Management Committee


The Executive Management Committee ensures that matters related to strategic direction and management receive close attention at the executive level.


Governing Council

David A. Dodge

W. Paul Jenkins

Sheryl Kennedy

Pierre Duguay

David Longworth

Tiff Macklem

General Counsel and Corporate Secretary
Marcus L. Jewett, QC

Adviser on Strategic Planning and Risk Management
Janet Cosier

Chief of Corporate Services
Sheila Niven

Chief of Financial Services
Sheila Vokey