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Photographic Collection of the Bank of Canada Archives

A collection of official and amateur photographs in black and white and colour, which illustrate the architecture, organization, artwork, functions, and interests of the Bank of Canada. The collection contains photographs of the Governors, the Board of Directors, personnel, special events, buildings, and premises. Special events photographs include the laying of the cornerstone of the centre building in 1937 by Prime Minister Mackenzie King and Governor Towers, Employee Recognition Dinners, and anniversary celebrations.

The Archives has a mandate to preserve and make accessible the photographs used in Bank Notes, an employee newsletter. The photographs begin in 1974 and depict activities such as Christmas receptions, retirement receptions, and sporting events.

As well, the Archives has a small collection of Bank of Canada Staff Association photographs dating back to the early 1950s. Inventory list available.

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Graham Towers' office in the Victoria Building Library
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Public Debt Banking Hall
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Victoria Building, 140 Wellington Street, First office of the Bank of Canada
Currency Division
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Text comunications Laying of cornerstone, 10 August 1937 by Governor Towers and Prime Minister Mackenzie King
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Secretary's Department Bank of Canada, Wellington Street, c.1938

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