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4 April 2006
Bank of Canada to Upgrade $5 Bank Note
The Bank of Canada today announced that it will issue a $5 note with upgraded security features beginning 15 November 2006 as part of its ongoing effort to improve the security of Canadian bank notes.

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The Bank's Role

The Bank of Canada is the country's only note-issuing authority and is responsible for designing, producing, and distributing Canada's bank notes. Learn more.

Check Your Bank Notes

Protect yourself and your money. Check to make sure bank notes are genuine when you receive them, just as you would count your change or verify your receipts. Recognizing genuine Canadian bank notes is quick and easy:

FEEL the note: Touch the raised surfaces on your money. The ink feels thicker to the touch on the large denomination numeral, the words BANK OF CANADA/BANQUE DU CANADA, the Coat of Arms, and the portrait.
LOOK AT and LOOK THROUGH the note: Hold the Canadian Journey notes to the light to see a watermark, a windowed security thread, and the see-through number.
TILT the note: Look for the changing colours and images of the holographic stripe and windowed security thread on all the notes or of the iridescent maple leaves on the original $5 and $10 notes.

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Current Bank Notes

2001-04 series $5 - upgraded 2001-04 series $5 2001-04 series $10 - upgraded 2001-04 series $10 - original 2001-04 series $20 2004 $50 2004 $100

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