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A History of the Canadian Dollar

History of the Canadian Dollar - cover

by James Powell

The history of Canada's money provides a unique perspective from which to view the growth and development of the Canadian economy and Canada as a nation. Author James Powell traces the evolution of Canadian money form its pre-colonial origins to the present day, highlighting the currency chaos of the colonial period, as well as the effects of two world wars and the Great Depression.

He also chronicles the ups and downs of our dollar through almost 150 years and describes its relationship with its U.S. counterpart.

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The First Nations (ca. 1600-1850)

New France (ca. 1600-1770)

British Colonies in North America: The Early Years (pre-1841)

Currency Reforms (1841-71)

The Canadian Dollar under the Gold Standard (1854-1914)

Canada off the Gold Standard (1914-26)

Back on the Gold Standard—Temporarily (1926-31)

The Depression Years and the Creation of the Bank of Canada (1930-39)

Canada under Fixed Exchange Rates and Exchange Controls (1939-50)

A Floating Canadian Dollar (1950-62)

Return to a Fixed Exchange Rate (1962-70)

Return to a Floating Rate (June 1970-present)

Concluding Remarks

Appendix A: Purchasing Power of the Canadian Dollar

Appendix B: Alternative Money

Appendix C: Charts



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