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Canadian Interest Rates: 10-Year Lookup

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  Daily Weekly Monthly
Target for the overnight rate V39079    
Overnight money market financing rate V39050    
Bank rate V39078 V121785 V122530
Overnight repo rate (CORRA)    
Operating Band
Low V39076    
High V39077    
LVTS Settlement Balances
Bankers' Acceptances
1 month V39068 V121750 V122504
3 month V39071 V121775 V122527
Prime corporate paper rate
1 month V39072 V121809 V122509
2 month V39073    
3 month V39074 V121812 V122491
Prime business   V121796 V122495
Conventional mortgage
1-year   V121763 V122520
3-year   V121769 V122522
5-year   V121764 V122521
Guaranteed investment certificates
1-year   V121771 V122524
3-year   V121772 V122525
5-year   V121773 V122526
5-year personal fixed term   V121765 V122515
  1. Series frequency:
    • Daily series show values for each business day.
    • Weekly series values are as at Wednesday.
    • Monthly series show values for the last Wednesday of each month.
  2. Each series shows its CANSIM 'V' identifier.
  3. For rates prior to the past ten years, please refer to CANSIM at Statistics Canada.