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1 December 1997

What can monetary policy do to help the economy reach its full potential?
Toronto, to the Canadian Club of Toronto.

7 October 1997

Challenges ahead for monetary policy
Vancouver, to the Vancouver Board of Trade.

16 September 1997

The recent economic record in Canada and the challenges ahead for monetary policy
Boston, to the New England-Canadian Business Council.

18 June 1997

The Canadian Economy: Challenges and Prospects
Quebec City, to la Chambre de commerce et d'industrie du Québec métropolitain.

30 May 1997

Flexible Exchange Rates in a World of Low Inflation
Toronto, to the FOREX '97 Conference.

21 March 1997

Monetary Policy and the Prospects for a Stronger Canadian Economy
Ottawa, to the Canadian Association of Business Economists and the Ottawa Economics Association.