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Kimit Muston - Oct 10, 2000 - "A Slap Heard 'Round the State" The Sacramento Slap echos

Sam Person - "Strange Endings to Baseball Careers" - Posted October 10, 2000 - baseball tales....some stranger than fiction!

Samantha Kimmel - Weight Loss - a great way to lose weight - or your money! - Oct 08, 2000

D. Grant DeMan - "Harpy - The Beginnings" - A second chance to sit on the edge of your seat. - Don't miss this nail-biter - Oct 08, 2000

Jim Stallings - Oct 06, 2000 - "A Primitive Replica" and "Harriet" - Two new stories from Jim Stallings.

Dee Walmsley - Oct 05, 2000 - "Dee submits John Colgan's photography" - A once in a lifetime picture - forest fires and wildlife.

Rosemary Bowery - Oct 02, 2000 - "A Man Named Enoch" - Old friend Rosemary is back!

Kathryn Jennings-Hancock - Oct 01, 2000 - "Following Bob" - it's not easy to pack emotions

Tom Bentley - "Ramblings and Excerpts from Biggar" A wonderful, successful artistic prairie summer - - "Wars and Rumours of Wars" Posted Sept 29

An Important Editorial Message - Sep 26, 2000 Please consider helping our friend, Ric Masten.
- -Our readers and writers respond

Sean Labbe - "Not On My Account" - How many ways are there to waste money and court disaster? - Sep 25, 2000

Philip Loyd - "After All These Years" - Faced with similar circumstances, you'd leave in a hurry too! - Sep 24, 2000

Cailean Darkwater - "Changeline" - Something different, perhaps frightening, perhaps moving or Dramatic - Sep 23, 2000

Jeffrey Dane - Sep 21, 2000 - "J.R. Edmondson" American Historian in Texas

John Davis Collins "Give Me A Song" Excerpt from his book, "If All Men Were Angels".

Ryszard Krasowski - Multi-talented - Inditer.com's personable Pole. A second portfolio of Pencil Sketches "Our Best Friends - Animals" - Sep 11, 2000

Richard Koss - Sep 10, 2000 - "A Poet's Nightmare" - Too frightening to be reality. We shudder!

Warren Masten - It's that time of year at Monterey Peninsula "The Bard Upon The Bay" Sep 08

Margaret Karmazin - A powerful new writer. Beneath the power and heady plots lies hidden humour and terrible truths. "Cover Up" this is one with a terrible truth Sep 07

Farzana Moon - Sep 06, 2000 - "Teen Wedlock" - A delectable title which has nothing to do with weddings! - - - plus - - - new Poetry - "Flying Mysteries".

O. Allos Sep 02, 2000 - A nom de plume and a frightening scenario - "With The Odds On Our Side"

Shauna Kelley - sympathetic shoulder - - an understanding ear, required for the "Panic Attack" - - Posted Aug 17, 2000

John Davis Collins "Memory of Two Mondays" - Aug 14, 2000 - Fronm the series, Tales out of Court

Bill Loeppky, editor/publisher at Inditer.com interviews - "Bruce Batchelor" co-founder and CEO of Trafford On Demand Publishing - Posted July 31, 2000.

A.J. Ilika "The Weight of the World" - Weird - Perhaps Science Fiction - July 27, 2000

Keith Austin - July 23, - "Sculpture by Keith Austin" - Well worth looking at - Brazilian soapstone carving that is breathtakingly beautiful.

Colin James lll - July 07, 2000 - "Cowboy Sonnet 30" - A new sonnet to the Colin's James Collection

Lon Godfrey & Eric Hallman "A Short History of the BC Provincial Police"

Sheila Moss - June 01, 2000 - "Janet Simons - New Girl At The Office" - Terrific Humor Writing From The Tennessee Firefly.

Tom Bentley New, in his great series, this playwright, director, writer - "Constable Schumacher's Poem" - May 31, 2000

Joseph Trocino - a surreal tale - Nymphs, Lightning, Moon Orbits and Two Unsuspecting People - May 29, 2000

Edward L. Wier - Thoughtful essays - Beer, Band, Freedom, Confessions are the topics. May 28, 2000

Ric Masten - a fun guy - stand-up poet. Words and One-Liners - New one - May 06, 2000

A Gift to the City of Victoria "Maarten Shadelee" - World known sculptor presents a massive gift to the people of Victoria. - May 03, 2000

Irene Chow - A difference from Malaysia- "The Difference Called Tuition" - April 21, 2000

Jim Stallings - American historian - we have met the enemy and he is us! - Phillip Green - April 19, 2000

Steve Mullett - short story? - philosophy? "Society Crumbles" - Posted April 17, 2000

Brenda Cooper - a new story about Arthuian Britain - "Fire and Sunshine" - Posted April 16, 2000

Sheldon A. Miller "Communication in a Taco Bell" - Very Strange - but very Funny
- Apr 15, 2000

The Poetry of George William Frost We are indebted to Leslie Frost, great-grandson, and to Marian (Frost) Nurse, great granddaughter of George William Frost for their efforts in putting together a biographical sketch and for presenting some of the poetry of this very interesting man. We are sure you will enjoy the story of,
and the poems by George William Frost.

Larry Lynch. Some of you will know, Larry Lynch has been around The Inditer for while. Renew your friendship with Larry Lynch - March 16, 2000

Frances Fasano Alt ... For those of you who have not read her work, time to do so. For those of you who have, it's time to do it again Essays, Stories, Poetry by Frances, Fasano Alt.

Jackie Ashton of Calgary, Canada. A great Story Writer - "Something for everyone's taste"

Lee Boyd A new and different kind of essay "Tina Brown and the United Killers of Benetton"
- Mar 02, 2000 - We're curious - let us know what you think of this - email editor@inditer.com

Regina Phelps - Another fine writer from Long Island - "They Just Don't Care"
Posted Feb 29, 2000 - a lobster tail (tale?)

Ann Dolin - Ann goes beachwalking to make this observation - "Buns - Not Of Steel"
Posted Feb 28, 2000

Mike Jaynes - His brief saga is happily concluded - Read this commentary Posted Feb 22, 2000 - We will all learn from it.

Charly Makray-Rice - A Feast For The Eyes - A new essay - Posted February 21, 2000

Joseph P. Infranco - From the super-natural - I, Psychic to job-seeking Posted February 21, 2000.

Angela Barbeisch - Feb 16, 2000 - "Eyes Wide Open" - Here's Another scribe of the funny side of things...this time from New York State.

Caroline Zarlengo Sposto . - - A very busy lady....mother of two, wife of Jim, custodian and caregiver to a house full of pets, creative partner in a family multi-media business. Caroline Zarlengo Sposto still finds time for writing. And, what writing it is! The Baptism of Morrie Solomon.

Rhonda L. Nolan a thirty-something romantic and free-lance writer from Baton Rouge, Louisianna. If you'd like to add a bit of romance to your life, meet - All For Sweetie - New from Rhonda Feb 09, 2000

Mike Conway - "Valentine's Day" - Ohio, Texas, Points between - Great story - wonderful lessons.

Farzana Moon - Farzana presents a new ten part novella - it's first publication in The Inditer "Lady In Black" January 10, 2000

Debra A Kemp - Anothert historical tale - it's Arthurian and good "Cumal" January 28, 2000.

Peter D. Gorman - "The Monument of President Gray" - will start you thinking - Jan 27, 2000

Nathan T. Oswald - - Strolling through a cemetery stirs thoughts of mortality as this Man On A Walk
- Jan 17, 2000

Tom Harper - "What Everybody Has" - Something all-together different.

Charles Langley From out of the old west....we might call it a cowboy classic - the story of "Little Joe" - Dec 31, 99

Lewis Schwartz -- A new twist to a new tale - When I Woke Up This Morning I Thought
It Was Judgement Day'

Vince Johnson. It had to happen - the full, Authentic, Unexpurgated, biography of Vince Johnson - wink, wink, nudge, nudge! - Dec 17, 99

Charly Makray Rice - Returns with an essay well worth the read. It's really contemplation about her life.
"Why God" - Posted Dec 10, 99

Stephen Crane Davidson - New to The Inditer - interesting Sci-Fi - Spinning the Man & the Buoy - Dec 09, 99

Marty Gallanter, essayist, Director of Development for Dakota State University in Madison, South Dakota. An important essay for writers...new and not so new .... Reluctant Revolutionary Nov 09, 99

Brad Preslar A new writer to The Inditer. A poignant short story. Posted Nov 4, 99 -
Love and Fear at Big Burger.

Jeffrey A. Katt - Nov 01, 99 - Eerie, scarey, surrealistic, Sci-Fi. New, The Wave of Destruction

Jasjit Singh - new - A blend of Science Fiction, suspence and murder - "To Catch A Killer" - Oct 28

Sam Sheffler - tells it like it is. Buying a summer place in the Hamptons
is only for the Well-To-Do.
- Posted Sept 29, 99

Daniel R. Vollaro - A fine new short story writer. We'll hear more from him soon, but for now read about 'Three Army Helicopters'.

Dave Mazzola - New to The Inditer. An interesting young man with 'One Night With Caroline'.

Ron McElroy - tells you what's on his mind, and would like to know what's on your mind.
- Find out about Ron McElroy

Rick Hughes - a short story with no conclusion....like many stories. Read Rick Hughes "Call Back".

Julie Swint of Michigan. New/old tales of the past/future. Posted Sept 01, 99 - She's at it again with "Minion".

Stephen M. Smith - New to The Inditer - a heart warming story of a great loss - one many of us have experienced. "The Day She Left" - Aug 17, 99

David E. Stull - presents what he calls 'soft/sociological science fiction' - The Lottery - July 22, 99.

Michael Jarrette-Kenny - Science Fiction with a twist. Psychological drama could describe the writing of this great new author.

Alistair Macduff - - New Information Uncovered, More on an obscure clan - Could this be more of "Will 'O the Stanes"? Be sure to check out all the other interesting stories in the Complete Macduff Reader.

Robert Ervin Layden - New to The Inditer, with a Squirrely little story - 'NonResident'

Ed Krizek - A sales and marketing professional from Media, PA, a suburb of Philadelphia, brings another short story, "Afterlife" and now "Poetry"Posted July 06, 1999.

Jay R. Kohut an early retiree from state government now fills his days with writing and gardening. Another Jay R. Kohut short story....Burnbaum Posted June 18, 99

Janet I. Buck - Funny, but feels rejected. A great writer, in spite of all her rejections June 18, 99

A.Y. Tanaka of Hawaii, teaches, toils, tickles the funny bone ..... A. Y. Tanaka returns with
... a Handful of wonderful stories June 14, 99

R.T. Both - Long-time contributor, How To Get A Disease From The Internet - June 14, 99

Lewis Schwartz - A different kind of story teller, - Enjoy these short stories

David P. Nelson is a systems analyst in Florida, but now devotes more time to writing. Here's a ghost story, "A Stitch In Time"

Diane Vitanza Russo ususally writes about wildlife and ecological matters. This time, a tale from American History - Diane Vitanza Russo presents "The Apple"

Don Rice From Wisconsin, takes us back to easier days ....posted June 20

Bill Loeppky Lives in Victoria, Canada. He is the publisher-editor of this journal. He even Does a bit of writing!

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