Who is Larry Lynch?

we thought you'd never ask

Here's what Larry Lynch says about himself:

"I'm 32 years old, a single dad, an Alice Munro groupie. I'm from Miramichi - - - David Adams Richards' home town - - - and if you can work with dark, depressing, complacent characters, there is a wealth here to draw from.

Editors Note: Now you see the reason for the black background and sombre colours.

"I work for a pulp and paper company and have been doing so for the past eleven years. I endure. My boss hopes I'll write a best seller so I'll quit. Me too.

I'm currently writing a novel that I would like to see on the big screen someday. No happy endings. Surprised? I'm having a ball with the research.

My nutshell philosophy: 'Give it to me straight - I can take it.'

The ideas for my first few attempts at short fiction came from my own experiences. But recently I've enjoyed listening to other people relate their struggles - - - emotional, sexual, interpersonal - - - to me. Little do they know a new story line forms and grows in my head as they speak."

The Short Stories of Larry Lynch

About this short story, posted October 12, 1998 Larry Lynch asks, " if you know someone who is proficient in the genre of magic-realism, ask them for their opinion on this one. I tried to emulate Gabriel Garcia Marquez but with a touch more realism, but I am not sure the mix works here. Larry tries on a new hat. We're sure it will fit not only him, but you, dear reader. Larry Lynch presents, The Weight Of A Blind Dog.

And, moving right along, August 22nd, Larry embarks on something that could be controversial...not so much the story, but the story of the story, or perhaps the method of the story and the writer. It's all very confusing.
Be sure to read Learning to Swim.

The strange but fertile mind of Larry Lynch produces another astounding story. Best read early in the day, as nightmares may result from an evening read of The Grafting.

A new chiller from Larry Lynch....again in his inimitable, macabre style. Painted Bears.

Larry Lynch, fastidious in his writing habits, was not happy with his first submission of this story. It's been re-written. But, you still have have to own nerves of steel to read; The Rope

Take warning, if you are offended by coarse language, do NOT read Down At The Factory

Living with someone can be challenging. It's a double challenge to be Living With June.

Here's somthing to think about. My life's not always comfortable, but it's better with My Back To The Wind.

If you've ever thought about what goes through the mind of a pre-teen, perhaps Larry Lynch has a bit of insight. Read; The Baby Sitter

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