Mediatribe '95


Concordia University's Undergraduate Journal of Communication Studies

Volume 5, Issue 1 -- Spring 1995

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Mediatribe is the undergraduate journal of Communication Studies at Concordia University, Montreal, Canada. The annual is completely student-run and comprises an honours project in the faculty. It is published with the financial assistance of the Dean of Arts and Science, the Dean of Students, the Department of Communication Studies, the Concordia Student Union and the Communication Studies Guild. Mediatribe is published on the World Wide Web from the Concordia User's Group (CUG) server.

Editorial collective 1994-95:
Bram Abramson
Neil Kandalgaonkar
Eileen Stack

Rédaction en français
Caroline Martel

Faculty Advisor:
Kim Sawchuk, Ph.D.

Mediatribe would like to thank: our contributors, Hope Moore, Dr. Bipin C. Desai, T'cha Dunlevy, Geneviève Napier, the Loyola AV department, Public Enema, The Dears, Stornaway Gallery, Kevin J. Neden, Mike, Alex, and Sophia, and everyone who came to the benefit.


Mediatribe, Communication Studies, BR 111
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