Child Care for All Children  

The Liberal Party of Canada believes that a child’s development during the early years of life will have a critical impact on later development.  By investing in our children early, we will ensure that they have a future full of positive choices available to them.

We need to make the early years productive – full of caring and nurturing, then followed by years full of satisfying challenges.  In order to do this, we need to give families the supports and tools they need to provide the best for their children.    

We believe that we need to work hard to improve opportunities for children and families. The Liberal plan for a national early learning and child care program is an important way of supporting parents in the care of their children. And a series of bills will strengthen laws combating child pornography and better protect the vulnerable against abuse, neglect and sexual exploitation.

The Liberal Record on Children
Every year, the government invests more than $13 billion in children, including $8.4 billion through the Canada Child Tax Benefit.  In fact, the establishment of the Child Tax Benefit is the most significant national social program created since Medicare. This year, the Liberal government extended that benefit to even more families, and also increased the Child Disability Benefit. In addition, the government’s Five-Year Tax Reduction Plan, introduced in 2000, has lead to an average reduction of 27% to personal income taxes for families with children.

Heath care is always a concern for parents and this is why the Liberal government has committed $300 million to support the introduction of new and recommended childhood and adolescent vaccines, as proposed by the National Advisory Committee on Immunization.

Most recently, at a meeting in this past November, this government also laid the groundwork for a national system of early learning and child care – one that sees Ministers and officials from every province and territory embracing the shared principles of quality care, universal inclusiveness, accessibility and an emphasis on development and learning.  Ministers agreed to an aggressive timetable, which will result in a formal agreement in the 2005-06 fiscal year.
A new joint Web site on early childhood development and early learning and child care has been created to make it easier for Canadians to find information on their governments’ programs for young children. Go to: