The Liberal Party of Canada understands the need for environmental sustainability. We recognize the vital importance of protecting our environment and enhancing our natural resources. There are many opportunities available to Canadians for advancing our progress in ways that are environmentally sound. Developing clean, renewable energy sources in only one way that Canada can harness our natural leadership in both research and development and utilizing our resource base so that we become leaders in the reduction of greenhouse gases.

The Liberal Party of Canada has also placed priority upon cleaning up the contaminated sites across Canada that exist in our northern communities, the tar ponds of Sydney, in the brown fields in our former industrial centres. We must find ways to reclaim this land so that younger generations do not suffer from the waste and environmental degradation of the past.

Clean water, clean air, environmental protections that ensure we create trade policies that properly reflect our national priorities; R&D that promotes our natural strength, a resource base that fuels our progress. The Liberal Party of Canada understands the importance of the environment in achieving our aspirations within the complexities of our modern society and the regional priorities of every province across the country.