Liberal Party of Canada establishes trust related to sponsorship allegations
May 18,2005

Ottawa – The Liberal Party of Canada (LPC) today announced it has set up a trust into which it will deposit $750,000.00 for repayment to the Government of Canada should it be judged to have received the money inappropriately as a result of activities related to the Sponsorship Program.

May 11,2005

Canada has a long and proud Parliamentary tradition, and there are rules and conventions that guide that tradition. Rules and conventions that are older than any of us.

Liberal Party of Canada Collaboration with Gomery Commission
April 11,2005

Ottawa - Michael Eizenga, President of the Liberal Party of Canada (LPC) today outlined steps he and the party have taken to cooperate with the Gomery Commission of Inquiry with respect to its finances and operations.

The Prime Minister has asked, and the LPC is committed to continuing to work with the Commission in determining the facts about the Sponsorship program. Its representatives are continuing to reconcile testimony heard by the Commission and the financial statements of the LPC and LPC(Q).

« We will continue to work with the Gomery Commission and monitor the testimony very carefully”, said Eizenga.

Eizenga also reiterated that LPC “will be returning all funds received by it by virtue of any illegal or improper transaction or from any source convicted of wrongdoing related to the sponsorship program.

An Open Letter to Liberals from Prime Minister Paul Martin
April 11,2005

In recent days, testimony at the Gomery Commission has captured a great deal of public attention. It has also given rise to allegations about the Liberal Party itself and, by extension, all of us who are members. I felt it was important to write you on this subject and share my perspective and my pride in all of you as Liberals and activists.

As Leader and Prime Minister, I want party members everywhere to remember that it was this Liberal government that established the Gomery Commission – precisely in order to see that anyone who might have used the Liberal name to profit from national unity would be identified and punished. Similarly, if there are those who abused our party’s trust by using their position or their association with it, they have done a terrible disservice to the people of Canada and the members of our Party.

Like all Liberals and all Canadians, I'm offended by what I've heard in recent testimony. If even part of it turns out to be true, it is abhorrent to us all.

Statement made by Doug Mitchell, lawyer for the Liberal Party of Canada in the Gomery sponsorship inquiry.
April 04,2005

Mr. Doug Mitchell will file an application for full standing before the Commission of Inquiry into the Sponsorship Program and Advertising Activities.

Liberal MPs Challenge Stephen Harper:Drop the Muzzle and Share Your Real Agenda
March 17,2005

OTTAWA – March 17, 2005 – Liberal MPs Dominic LeBlanc, Françoise Boivin and Ruby Dhalla today challenged Stephen “Mr. Muzzle” Harper to undertake five key actions that would allow Canadians a peek at the Conservative Party’s hidden agenda.

Liberal Party of Canada Asks: Where are they now?
March 16,2005

OTTAWA – March 16, 2005 – As the new Conservative Party gathers in Montreal this weekend for its first policy convention, the Liberal Party of Canada (LPC) is asking: where are all the former Progressive Conservatives?

Prime Minister Announces Campaign Co-Chairs
March 06,2005

The Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, Prime Minister Paul Martin, today announced that the Honourable Lucienne Robillard (MP – Westmount – Ville-Marie) has agreed to serve as Co Chair of the National Liberal Campaign Committee.

Speech by Michael Ignatieff
March 03,2005

Building Tomorrow’s Canada: Liberals gather March 3 – 6 in Ottawa for National Biennial Convention
February 22,2005

OTTAWA – Liberals across the country are looking forward to an exciting policy conference focused on the theme of “Building Tomorrow’s Canada”.  The 2005 Biennial Convention takes place March 3 – 6, 2005 at the Ottawa Congress Centre.

Riding associations have completed their delegate selection process and are on track to a Convention with well over 2,000 Liberals in attendance.

The Liberal Party of Canada released a detailed itinerary for the Convention (available online at

Mike Eizenga, President of the Liberal Party of Canada expressed his enthusiasm at the planning and excitement leading in to the Convention: “A Biennial is a national gathering of the Party to renew itself, focus on its future and come together to discuss the important issues of the day.” 

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