National Office Staff

As the secretariat of the federation representing 308 federal electoral districts, the national office is the heart of the organization. It acts as a service bureau for the constituencies, provincial and territorial associations, national caucus, the national executive and its various committees. As such, it also acts as a clearing house for intra-party communications and initiates national programs and activities.

In addition, the national office organizes national conventions and conferences, conducts federal by-elections, and prepares for and helps conduct federal general elections. In carrying out these responsibilities, the national director and the staff work under the direction of the Party's national executive and provides support for the work of the standing and special committees of the Party.

Liaison with constituency associations and their members, and with all the other levels of the Party, is aided by an extensive communications program and the provision of extensive information and printing services to members of the National Liberal Caucus.

Direct mail fundraising is conducted by national office staff who work closely with members of the national executive committees and the private sector. The staff of the Federal Liberal Agency of Canada, which is the receipting arm of the Party, also work out of the national headquarters.

Federal election campaigns transform the national office into a headquarters for the coordination of the national campaign. This involves special responsibilities for such activities as the Leader's campaign tour, national advertising, constituency service programs and the operation of the Speaker's Bureau. In preparation for an election, much work is done analyzing election data, preparing instructional material and developing campaign training programs.

National Director StevenMacKinnon
Executive Assitant and Operations Manager MichellePaquette
Director, Public Affairs and Development DanielleKotras
Administrative assistant AmyRock
Manager, Development and Events BrodieBazinet
Regional Fundraising Staff (Québec) ClaireO'Connell
Development Officer MeganMeltzer
Regional Fundraising Staff (Ontario) DianeMitchell
Web Developer/Programmer TimTierney
Director of Policy and Organization NikkiMacdonald
Revenue and Communications Coordinator IanSmedley
Assistant Manager, Commissions and National Director, Young Liberals of Canada DeniseBrunsdon
Manager, Commissions MoniqueTrottier
Director of Finance and Administration JohnArnold
Senior Accountant FeliciaKho
Junior Accountant MichelleBussiere
Junior Accountant SamHawas
Cathy Pun
Harry Mortimer
Manager, Revenue Accounting & Database MarilynCloutier
Director of Database Services SteveBarry
Database Services Amro Gamal
Systems Administrator BrianPichette
Co-ordinator, Print Services PaulQuirk
Print Shop (part-time) JohnJolicoeur
Receptionist MalaLutchmun