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Supporting Canadian Families: Creating Opportunity for Canadians

Supporting Canadian Families: Creating Opportunity for CanadiansPrime Minister Paul Martin today announced a series of measures to support Canadians families in surmounting barriers in education, training and finding a good job.

“Reducing the cost of tuition for Canadian families, and improving Canadians’ access to skills training and employment opportunities is about ensuring that all Canadians – and their families – can prosper in the global economy,” the Prime Minister said. “It is about helping Canadian families be full partners in an innovative, competitive and inclusive workforce in Canada.”

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Stephen Harper’s Crime Plan a Facade

Stephen Harper’s Crime Plan a FacadeConservative Leader Stephen Harper claims he is serious about cracking down on crime – particularly gun crime – but his record paints a very different picture.

Mr. Harper has worked to defeat every gun control measure the Liberal government has brought in and even those passed by the Mulroney government in 1991. How can he say he will support gun control now?

He claims to be serious about increasing mandatory minimum sentences for gun crimes, but by precipitating an early election he derailed a government bill that would have doubled these penalties.

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