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January 06, 2006
Minister Scott Calls on Stephen Harper to Retract Contracting Allegations

January 06, 2006
Option Canada

January 06, 2006
Supporting Canadian Families: New Support for Families, Caregivers, Canadians with Disabilities and Seniors
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Harper Crosses Line in Unity Debate
(December 21,2005)
Prime Minister Paul Martin says Conservative Leader Stephen Harper has crossed-the-line with his appalling accusation that Liberals want the separatists to win...
The Liberal Government: Encouraging Research and Innovation in Atlantic Canada
(December 21,2005)
The people of Atlantic Canada and their ingenuity and willingness to embrace innovative new technologies are the region’s greatest natural resource...
Prime Minister Denounces Harper's "Absurd" National Unity Claim
(December 20,2005)
Prime Minister Paul Martin has dismissed as “absurd” Conservative Leader Stephen Harper’s preposterous suggestion that the Liberals would prefer a separatist...
Prime Minister Paul Martin Announces Increased Support for Canada's Food Producers
(December 20,2005)
Prime Minister Paul Martin today announced a comprehensive plan to strengthen Canada’s food production sector, which will review the Agriculture Policy...
Prime Minister Paul Martin Announces Tax Cut for Small Business
(December 19,2005)
A Liberal government will increase the lifetime capital gains tax exemption for small businesses and farmers by 50 percent, Prime Minister Paul Martin...
Liberal Tax Plan Offers Immediate Benefits for Families
(December 18,2005)
Prime Minsiter Paul Martin and Finance Minister Ralph Goodale announced today that the Liberal tax-cut plan will begin providing real savings to Canadians...
Prime Minister Martin’s Debate Performance Wins Rave Reviews
(December 17,2005)
“Paul Martin was so effective, and so passionate, when speaking of his feelings for Canada.” (Barbara Yaffe, Vancouver Sun, December 17)
Pundits Pan Opposition Debate Performance
(December 17,2005)
“[Harper] made little ground, however, with his new promise not to invoke the Constitution's notwithstanding clause to put an end to same-sex marriage.
Prime Minister Paul Martin Delivers Impassioned Defence of Canada
(December 16,2005)
Prime Minister Paul Martin scored another clear victory with a spirited, heartfelt defence of a united Canada, respect for minorities and the Charter of Rights...
Prime Minister Paul Martin Defends Canada, Charter
(December 16,2005)
Prime Minister Paul Martin demonstrated resoundingly that he alone had the qualities of statesmanship by standing up for Canada and the Charter...
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