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January 06, 2006
Minister Scott Calls on Stephen Harper to Retract Contracting Allegations

January 06, 2006
Option Canada

January 06, 2006
Supporting Canadian Families: New Support for Families, Caregivers, Canadians with Disabilities and Seniors
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Martin Praised for Arctic Advocacy
(November 23,2005)
Prime Minister Paul Martin was recognized yesterday for his continued efforts to push Canada’s position against drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge...
Liberal Government Renews Homelessness Initiatives
(November 22,2005)
The Honourable Joe Fontana, Minister of Labour and Housing, announced $262.9 million today for the one-year extension of two important federal programs...
Immigration Agreement Helps New Canadians in Ontario
(November 21,2005)
For immigrants from around the world Canada is a first-choice destination. Out of the thousands of new immigrants who come to Canada each year, more than...
Caring for Canada's Children
(November 19,2005)
Sunday, November 20th is Universal Children’s Day, a day designated by the United Nations, devoted to the promoting the welfare of children all over the world.
Liberals stand firm in Softwood Showdown
(November 18,2005)
Canada’s battle with the United States over softwood lumber got a boost this week after a NAFTA panel gave the U.S. just one week to return softwood lumber...
CBC-TV Star Runs For Liberals
(November 14,2005)
Popular North of 60 television star Tina Keeper has become the newest Liberal candidate.
Liberals Announce Prosperity Plan
(November 14,2005)
The Liberal government today launched its Plan for Growth and Prosperity, and Finance Minister Ralph Goodale also introduced the first steps to putting...
Prime Minister Paul Martin Responds to Opposition
(November 14,2005)
Prime Minister Paul Martin told Canadians today that the opposition party’s proposal that would force a Christmas election is "untenable" and he condemned...
Liberals Strike New Deal for the NWT
(November 10,2005)
On November 10, 2005, the Liberal government and the Northwest Territories government signed two historic agreements: to share federal gas tax funding...
Minister Dosanjh Defends Canada's Public Health Care System
(November 09,2005)
Yesterday, Jack Layton walked away from the work of protecting and strengthening public health care in Canada. Instead he has thrown the NDP, the party...
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