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The Metis flag that is used today has a lot of meaningful history behind it. An interesting fact about the Metis flag is that it is 188 years old and is 150 years older than the Canadian flag. The Current and most defining Metis flags consist of two variations one that is blue and the other which is red. The Metis flag represents the Metis people with the infinity sign that symbolizes the coming together of two distinct cultures: Indian and European and their existence forever as a people.

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There are differing opinions on the origin of the Metis flag. One opinion about the flag is that it was first used in the fur trade wars that took place between the North West Company, which usually used blue as a color and the Hudson Bay Company that used red. In 1812 the Hudson Bay Company introduced the red flag to the Metis as on of the gifts to keep them loyal to their company throughout the fur trading wars. This flag was used against the Metis during the battle at seven oaks. Another opinion about the flag is that it was suggested by the NWC in 1815 for the Metis to adopt a symbol that would represent them as a whole. So the Metis founded the red and white flag as their own symbol. When the Native Council of Canada came around that's when the blue and white flag was introduced because people were not comfortable with the history of the red flag.

The Metis flag didn't only have a negative effect on the Metis because the flag gave them a sense of nationalism and was a unifying force for their existence. Today the Metis use their flag with pride and people recognize them for it.

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