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The Alberta Métis Historical Society was formed out of a need to enhance training opportunities for Métis people, to educate and share the history of our participation in Canada's story. The Society was incorporated in 1986 and renamed in 1999. The Métis Association of Alberta was founded in 1932 to represent the interest and concerns of the Metis people of 0Alberta.

The Alberta Métis Historical Society Tourism Development Project, "The Métis Millennium Voyage" is committed to assisting Métis people to work toward the betterment of life through basic education, advanced education and career development that will lead to self sufficiency and pride in their contribution to Canadian heritage and the preservation of Métis heritage and culture. The Métis Millennium Voyage consists of three programs: the research and development of Métis heritage sites, the research and development of Métis heritage products, and the research and development of a Métis Heritage Education Program. Each project will tie into the other through common goals and objectives. This project will be an ongoing effort of the Métis Nation of Alberta to fulfill our mission statement and its commitment to our Métis heritage.

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