Galactics, a consulting firm which produces educational materials, is a registered partnership between Miriam Padolsky and Hilary Myron. Galactics is the contractor for the Adventures in Science and Technology Digital Collection.

[Milary]Galactics was registered as a business in May, 1997. That summer, the new company undertook its first Digital Collections website, Satellites. The content for that site was drawn mainly from an Elementary Education Program that Miriam and Hilary had developed for the OBE Space Simulation, during their time as members. The success of Galactics' first project encouraged Miriam and Hilary to continue exploring their own interests in science and education, by producing the Adventures in Science and Technology website.

Miriam and Hilary are both currently attending university. Miriam is doing a joint degree in History of Science and Technology and English at the University of Toronto. Hilary is working on a Psychology degree at the University of Guelph.

For more information about Galactics, please send e-mail to galactics@spacesim.org.

The Galactics logo was created by Fifth Atelier.

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Last updated on 14 August 1998.