List of works
Mountain Valley Spring #1
Mountain Valley Spring #2
Sea Fog Arriving
From My Studio Window #18
Summer Journal #11
Summer Journal #18
Summer Journal #29
Artist's Coat #1
Artist's Coat #1
Dark Mountain
Passing Parade
Mountain Sunstorm
October Yellow
Dark Canyon
At the End of the Gallows Cove Road
Captain Cook's Brook
Passing the St. Anthony Light
Crossing the Trout River
Night on the Hopedale Run
South from my studio

Mountain Valley Spring #1, 2000

Artist's Coat #1, 2000

Sea Fog Arriving, 2000

From My Studio Window #18, 2000
Summer Journal #11, 2000

Dark Mountain, 2000

Mountain Sunstorm, 1995
At the End of the Gallows Cove Road, 1995
Passing the St. Anthony Light, 1995

October Yellow, 1993

Mountain Valley Spring #2, 2000
Passing Parade, 1994

Anne Meredith Barry is a Canadian Painter and Printmaker who's artistic career spans more three decades. Her works focuses on depicting the Canadian environment from many perspectives, and through it she has been a cultural ambassador by bringing her vibrant images to national and international audiences. Additionally, she has been active in supporting the visual arts from coast-to-coast through her active role in local, regional and national educational organizations. Over the last three decades she has focused her instructional activities toward many of the more remote parts of the country through various arts council and public gallery programmes.

Anne Meredith Barry lives in the coastal community of St. Michael's Newfoundland. She was born in Toronto and graduated in 1954 from the Ontario College of Art. In addition to living in Toronto she lived and worked in Boston and Montreal before establishing residence in Newfoundland in 1987. Since the late 1960's her work has been presented in more than 120 solo and group exhibitions across Canada and in Ireland, Japan, Taiwan, England, Spain, Brazil and the USA. During this period her work has been acquired by many major public art collections both here and abroad including the Governor General of Canada's collection, The Canadian Collection, The Department of External Affairs collection for the Canadian Embassy in Chile and the Lt. Governor of Newfoundland's collection in St. John's.

She has been an active supporter of Canadian visual arts organizations and in this regards has chaired and/or served on the boards or committees of more than fifteen national and regional arts organizations including The Art Gallery of Newfoundland and Labrador, St. Michael's Printshop, Devon House Gallery, Open Studio, Visual Arts Ontario, The Print and Drawing Council of Canada, The Art Gallery of Ontario, The Royal Canadian Academy. In 1997 Barry was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Letters Degree by Memorial University of Newfoundland. In 1999 one of Barry's paintings was selected for presentation to Premier Tobin to commemorate Newfoundland's fifty years in confederation.

Artist's statement:
My home and studio are situated in St. Michael's. This is a small Newfoundland outport, perched at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, a half-hour drive south of St. John's.

Here, I live surrounded by an environment which is characterized by constant change… turbulent coastal weather, for dramatically different seasons, and the endless rhythmic migration of iceberg, whales, seabirds and sea creatures. Behind my studio the high cliffs, freshwater ponds and evergreen forests, are home to the land-based animals and birds. My neighbors and I inhabit the space between these worlds, aware of, and affected by both.

Everything outside my windows is both in harmony and conflict. Created as the earth's plates moved, the marks of geological time are also part of this Island. It is important fore to know that eons ago the land where I live was part of Africa, that there are sections of the Island that originated in the Appalachian Mountains, other places that rose up from the sea when the glacier melted, tablelands that have been stacked with rocks from beneath the earth's crust, and mountains that were marked by volcanoes. Each of these diversified environments supports its own unique habitat of weather, flora, fauna. As I work in my studio, this ever-changing kaleidoscope of patterns and times is in my mind.


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