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What You Will Find on this Website


The voices from Nunavut section includes written and audio material that provides personal accounts by Nunavut Elders and youth about the project.

The Inuktitut language section provides a history on the development of syllabics.

An overview of the Library and Archives Canada (LAC) photographic collections included in this project is available by visiting the photo collections section.

Visit the search the database section to access all images scanned for Project Naming. The database therein includes photographs of people who have been identified as a result of this project, as well as others in which the individuals are still unnamed. This section also highlights a selection of photographs of newly identified subjects, whose communities have been located on the map of Nunavut. To date, the names of hundreds of people have been remembered by Nunavut Elders, and work continues on the identification of still more.

The naming continues section features selected images for which names are still missing, and invites users to submit information relevant to the photographs.

Project activities provides a description of some of the highlights and activities of Project Naming since the exhibition was first launched in October 2004.

Further research includes selected references to books, articles, theses, films and videos, and related websites.