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  • ISO ILL Protocol Standards
    Interlibrary Loan Application Standards Maintenance Agency


    To assist implementors in the use of the ILL Application Standards, the Interlibrary Loan Application Standards Maintenance Agency (ILL ASMA) provides summaries of discussions and written responses to frequently asked questions concerning aspects of the ILL Application standards which are viewed as ambiguous or require interpretation.

    Questions may be raised at meetings of the ILL Protocol Implementors Group (IPIG) which acts as Advisory Committee for the Maintenance Agency, or on the IPIG listserve ( ILL ASMA prepares draft versions "Clarification" documents which are reviewed at quarterly IPIG meetings. At the quarterly IPIG meetings, any "pending" clarification documents are reviewed and either "approved" as presented or returned to the ILL ASMA for revision or for further discussion.

    ## Issue or Question Status Status Date For Review?
    02 Integer Values for Extension.identifier Approved 1998/03/03

    03 Predicate "p5" Approved 1998/09/17

    05 not IMPLICIT ISO-Date Approved 1998/09/17

    09 Sequence Validation and Repeated APDUs Approved 1998/10/02

    13 The Forward Service and the notification-note Pending 1998/10/14


    Clarifications: Use of External Object Identifiers (OID)

    E##.# External Class Object Name:
    SN06.1 System-Number (6) IPIG-System-Number (1)
    SID7.2 Supplemental-Item-Description (7) Item-Language-Translation (2)
    ED9.2 E-Delivery-Mode (9) Fax Delivery Service (2)
    ED9.2 E-Delivery-Parameters (10) LOCAL OID: JEDDS ILL Electronic Delivery Parameters (1000.7.1)
    E13.1 Extension (13) OCLC Prism ILL Error Extension (1)
    E13.2 Extension (13) OCLC Prism Request Extension (2)
    E13.3 Extension (13) APDU-Delivery-Info (3)
    E13.4 Extension (13) ILL-Supplemental-Client-Info (4)
    E13.5 Extension (13) Forwarded-Additional-Info (5)
    E13.6 Extension (13) IPIG-Additional-User-Error-Information (6)

    See the Maintenance Agency Procedures for details on preparing Clarifications.

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