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  • ISO ILL Protocol Standards
    Interlibrary Loan Application Standards Maintenance Agency

    ISO TC 46/SC 4/WG 4

    ISO/TC 46/SC 4\WG 4 is the ISO Working Group responsible for the maintenance of the Interlibrary Loan Application Standards. The international standards for the InterLibrary Loan Protocol (ISO 10160 and 10161) have been prepared by Technical Committee ISO/TC 46, Information and Documentation.


    International Organization for Standardization
    ISO Online:

    TC 46

    Technical Committee 46, Information and Documentation
    Scope: Standardization of practices relating to libraries, documentation and information centres, indexing and abstracting services, archives, information science and publishing.
    Details from ISO:

    SC 4

    Subcommittee 4 on Computer Applications in Information and Documentation
    This ISO Subcommittee is responsible for technical standards used to facilitate interoperability of information services such as libraries, information centers, indexing and abstracting services, archives, and publishers. These technical standards include standards for information retrieval and interlibrary loan, applications of SGML, data elements directories, data formats, character sets, codes and user commands.
    Details from ISO:

    SC 4 Home Page (hosted by NISO):

    WG 4

    Working Group 4 Format structures for bibliographic information interchange in machine readable form
    Area of work: Standardization of the syntax for format and structures used in bibliographic data interchange in machine readable form.
    Contact info for WG 4:

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