Testing ILL Protocol Implementations

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Testing ILL Protocol Implementations
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ILL Protocol Interoperability

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Last Update: 2004/07/07

Testing ILL Protocol Implementations
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Testing ILL Protocol Implementations:

The primary role of testing ILL Protocol Implementations is to increase the probability of successful interworking between open systems operating in the real world.

ILL Protocol Implementation Test Beds

A list of ILL protocol implementation test beds available for interoperability testing.

Background Reading

OSI Conformance Testing for Bibliographic Applications by Gilbert Arbez and Leigh Swain
This is a pre-publication draft in HTML format of an article originally published in a Special Issue of Library Hi Tech on Open Systems Interconnection. 8:4 (1990), 119-136. It has been updated in 1997 by Barbara Shuh as background information for the NAILDD IPIG discussion on conformance and interoperability testing.

ILL Protocol Implementation Interoperability Testing:

This package of 5 documents provides sample documentation for an ILL protocol interoperability testing programme. These documents are based on those prepared by Gilbert Arbez for the National Library of Canada and used during the interoperability testing of Canadian implementations of the ILL protocol in the early 1990's.

The test cases prepared for this series of tests are limited to normal operation scenarios and are intended to verify that each implementation can invoke the ILL protocol services which it supports. Because the Candian testing programme had included a rigorous round of "conformance tests" which ensured that each implementation conformed to the standard, this interoperability test suite is not as rigorous as what would be required if no conformance testing has been done.

ILL Protocol Implementation Interoperability Testing

Introduction to the testing methodology devised by the National Library of Canada for the interoperability testing programme run for Canadian implementations in the early 1990's.

Test Plan Proforma

For use by implementors and testing partners to select the appropriate "requester" test cases for the protocol-based system functionality to be tested. Includes the tables listing the suite of potential test cases.

Test Suite

A suite of 69 test cases and accompanying constraint behaviour table for use in the Interoperability Testing of ILL Protocol-compliant implementations. The suite is available in paper copy only, upon request from Library and Archives Canada. Accompanying explanatory text will be made available online as resources permit.

Test Results

A template to be used for recording testing results

Test Report

A template to be used in the preparation of a final test report

ILL Abstract Conformance Test Suite

Test Cases and Constraints files prepared as part of the ILL Abstract Conformance Test Suite are available here for possible use by ILL Protocol implementors to facilitate the debugging of their Protocol-based applications.

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