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Interlibrary Loan Application Standards Maintenance Agency

ISO ILL Protocol Systematic Review 2007

ISO 10160 Information and Documentation—Open Systems Interconnection—Interlibrary Loan Application Service Definition
ISO 10161-1 Information and Documentation—Open Systems Interconnection—Interlibrary Loan Application Protocol Specification—Part 1: Protocol Specifictation
ISO 10161-2 Information and Documentation—Open Systems Interconnection—Interlibrary Loan Application Protocol Specification Part 2: Protocol implementation conformance statement (PICS) proforma

The 2nd editions (1997) of the Interlibrary Loan Application Standards, ISO 10160, 10161-1 and 10161-2, were circulated for a 5-year review in 2007. Voting closed on December 18 2007, and all three of the standards were confirmed without amendments.

IPIG Meeting 2007

November 16, 2007, 9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
At the office of EnvisionWare, 2810 Premiere Parkway NW, Suite 350 Duluth, GA

Please contact Mary Jackson at: mej@auto-graphics.com  if you plan to attend or would like to suggest topics for the agenda.

Progress of Draft Standards for ISO 10161

The two parts of ISO 10161 Information and documentation -- Interlibrary loan application
Part 1: Service definition and protocol specification and
Part 2: Protocol implementation conformance statement (PICS) proforma
were submitted to ISO Central Secretariat in April 2004. Balloting for the Draft International Standards (DIS) opened on 27 April 2004 and closed on 27 September 2004.
Preliminary reports on voting on ISO 10161-1 and ISO 10161-2 posted on ISO

TC46 SC4 website on 21 October 2004.

Result of voting: APPROVED

However, because the DIS ballot on the ILL Protocol revision produced several negative votes due largely to the incompatibility between it and the previous version, work will be undertaken to assure upward compatibility over the next 6 months and then a second DIS ballot will be conducted. SC4 document N 567 and N568 (on the SC 4 document log) are the final reports on the first DIS ballots.

IPIG Meeting 2004

22-24 March 2004: Dublin, Ohio hosted by OCLC
Decisions and Actions from meeting in Mountain View, November 17-19, 2003

There are no further meetings of IPIG scheduled at this time.

Maintenance Agency Registrations

Register of Public Object Identifiers for ISO 10161-1

1 October 2001 -
1 0 10161 13 9 IPIG-ILL-Request-Extension
Registered 21 December 2001

Register of Identifiers Assigned to ILL Protocol Implementors

1 October 2001 -
25 Rahiab Pajoohesh Co.
26 Lac Viet Corp.
27 CMC Co., Ltd.
28 SIRSI Corporation
29 OCLC Pica
30 Knowledge Integration Ltd.

Implementation News

IPIG's Request Submission Message

Version 1.4 : Posted by Janifer Gatenby for review, 6 July 2004

Includes the full XML schema as well as separate schema for component Referrer, Referent, Requester and Service Type "buckets" for use as OpenURL.

  1. Send comments and your recommendation to approve/disapprove to Mary Jackson by Friday, August 13th, as outlined in http://tlcdelivers.com/ipig/5237.html.

    IPIG Profile for the ISO ILL Protocol

    New versions released 11 July 2002:
    IPIG Profile for the ISO ILL Protocol Version 3.0
    IPIG Profile Conformance Statement Requirements List Version 3.0 (also issued as Annex A of the IPIG Profile)
    IPIG Guidelines for Implementors of the IPIG Profile Version 2.0

    New ILL Namespace Registration in the Register of Identifiers of Name Authorities, 1 April 2002 -

    Namespace: pfiz
    Registered by Pfizer, Inc. on 2003-12-10
    Namespace: info
    Registered by Infotrieve, Inc. on 2003-06-13
    Authority: http://www.infotrieve.com/
    Namespace: ki
    Registered by Knowledge Integration Ltd. on 2003-02-14
    Namespace: crx
    Registered by Crossnet Systems Ltd. on 2003-02-14
    Namespace: pica
    Registered by OCLC PICA on 2002-12-16
    Namespace: ilib
    Registered by CMC Co. Ltd on 2002-05-22
    Authority: iLib ILL
    Namespace: sirsi
    Registered by SIRSI Corporation on 2002-04-16

    New & Revised Postings for
    IPIG Profile Conformance Statements
    1 January 2002-

    Auto-graphics, Inc.

    AGent Advanced "Open System" ISO ILL: http://www4.auto-graphics.com/pdf/ipigconformance.pdf posted 2003-12-17

    RLIN ISO ILL Gateway conformance statement

    Removed 2003-09-22 The link to the RLIN ISO ILL Gateway conformance statement has been removed from the ILL AsMA website, as per a request received from Linda Driver, RLG. This gateway is no longer functional, because the RLIN ILL system has been functioning since the beginning of September, 2003 simply as a searchable file of old requests.

    Fretwell Downing Informatics

    VDX 2.3 : http://www.fdgroup.com/fdi/pdf/vdxipig.pdf posted 2003-06-17

    Updates on ILL Protocol Implementation Test Beds

    British Library Test System
    Update, 13 Feb. 2002, reflecting BL's new test server. --rev. 21 Feb 2002
    Fretwell Downing Informatics
    Update, 21 May 2002: Ed Davidson named as contact for information on interoperability testing with VDX

    Updates on List of Implementors' Products and Projects

    -- New posting, 23 Feb. 2004 -- Relais Enterprise
    -- Update, 17 Dec 2003 -- AGent Advanced "Open System" ISO ILL
    (Auto-Graphics, Inc.)

    Site Additions

    Defect Report 11

    A clerical defect report, recording a typo in the ASN.1 for the external object IPIG-System-Number {1 0 10161 6 1} has been posted on the web site PDF version:

    A correction has been made in the register entry for the external object {1 0 10161 6 1} http://www.lac-bac.gc.ca/iso/ill/regi6-1.html
    and in the ASN.1 specification for the object.

    Generalised Library Directory Services documents

    -- Posted 17 March 2003 --
    The team of librarians from the National Library of Australia has the task of revising ISO 2146: Information and documentation -- Directories of libraries and related organizations. They have proposed that a generalised form of the IPIG Directory Services for Interlibrary Loan would provide a robust core for the full directory, and are suggesting a limited number of structural changes to this directory to provide the core.

    Important Notice:

    Changes to Contact Information and Web Access

    On April 6, 2004 the domain name for Library and Archives Canada which hosts this ISO Interlibrary Loan Application Standards Maintenance Agency (ILL ASMA) web site was changed to: "www.lac-bac.gc.ca".

    This change affects all bookmarks to any of the content in ILL ASMA's web site.

    Please update your bookmarks for the ILL ASMA web site to: http://www.lac-bac.gc.ca/iso/ill/

    This change also affects the e-mail address for the Maintenance Agency, which has changed to ill_asma@lac-bac.gc.ca


    Users may sometimes see the domain name "www.collectionscanada.ca" appearing in the address area of their browser window when visiting the ILL ASMA web site. This is an alias for the "www.lac-bac.gc.ca" domain name and should not affect their ability to navigate within this site. Any problems should be reported to the Maintenance Agency at e-mail address given in the left side bar.

    Unless otherwise specified, documents are made available in Acrobat PDF format. Acrobat readers are freely available from: http://www.adobe.com/

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