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Gérard V. La Forest fonds [multiple media]. 1944-2005. Fonds / Collection.
MG31-E115, R5479-0-X-E.
Architectural and technical drawings, Maps and cartographic material, Photographs, Sound recordings, Textual material. [Access: Closed]. Private.
1951-1961), as a professor of law at the University of New Brunswick (1956-1968) and as Dean of Law at the University of Alberta (1968-1970).


Robin Mathews fonds [multiple media]. 1947-2018. Fonds / Collection.
MG31-D190, R4403-0-9-E.
Architectural and technical drawings, Art, Moving images, Photographs, Sound recordings, Textual material. [Access: Open]. Private.
of Canadian and Quebec Literatures; the Waffle; the National Party of Canada; and various legal cases while he was at the University of Alberta.


Judd Buchanan fonds [multiple media]. 1964-1980. Fonds / Collection.
MG32-B42, R3248-0-X-E.
Architectural and technical drawings, Maps and cartographic material, Moving images, Sound recordings, Textual material. [Access: Restricted]. Private.
Judd Buchanan, insurance agent and Cabinet Minister, was born in Edmonton, Alberta, and received his BA from the University of Alberta and his


William Harrison Cook fonds [textual record, graphic material, architectural drawing]. 1927-1981. Fonds / Collection.
MG31-J32, R5099-0-X-E.
Architectural and technical drawings, Photographs, Textual material. [Access: Open]. Private.
He graduated from the Claresholm (Alberta) School of Agriculture, the University of Alberta and from Stanford University with a Ph.D. in Chemistry

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