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University of Alberta [graphic material, textual record]. 1962-1972, 1998. Series.
Photographs, Textual material. [Access: Open]. Private.
by Mr. Head; Mr. Head's curriculum vitae; Mr. Head's annual reports as Associate Professor at the University of Alberta; correspondence regarding


Documents relating to his activities as Dean of Law, University of Alberta [textual record]. 1967-1972. Series.
Textual material. [Access: Restricted by creator/donor]. Private.
This series consists of correspondence documenting La Forest's appointment as Dean of the Faculty of Law, his appointment as a Queen's Counsel


University of Alberta [textual record]. 1959-1972, 2005-2018. Series.
MG31-D190, R4403-12-5-E.
Textual material. [Access: Open]. Private.
The series consists of records dating from Mathews' years teaching at the University of Alberta. In particular, it documents


University of Alberta [textual record]. 1906-1928. Series.
MG30-D115, R1887-3-5-E.
Textual material. [Access: Open]. Private.
Series consists of notes and memoranda on the establishment of the University, Presidents' and Board of Governors' reports, convocation


Vladimir Ignatieff [textual record, graphic material] 1916-1988. Series.
MG30-C90, R2228-2-7-E.
Art, Photographs, Textual material. [Access: Restricted]. Private.
From 1930 to 1932 Ignatieff was enrolled in the Master¿s Program in Soil Science at the University of Alberta, working as a research assistant.


Early Alberta series [textual record] n.d., 1948-1963. Series.
Textual material. [Access: Closed pending processing]. Private.
his high-school years, his burgeoning interest in the arts, his early involvement with the Liberal Party, and his years at the University of Alberta.


[Annual map reviews of oil and natural gas developments in Canada] [cartographic material] 1962-1982. Series.
Maps and cartographic material. [Access: Open]. Private.
Copies of some of these maps held by libraries at Trent University, McGill University, York University, the University of Alberta and the University of


[Maps, plans and drawings from across Canada pertaining to Horace Seymour's career as an urban planner] [cartographic material] [1906]-1940. Series.
MG30-B93, R2963-0-3-E.
Maps and cartographic material. [Access: Restrictions vary]. Private.
and early 1930's. Seventy of the slides were prepared by the University of Alberta's extension department. Items #18, 52


Publications - general [textual record, sound recording]. 1933-2008. Series.
MG30-C249, R2268-2-X-E.
Sound recordings, Textual material. [Access: Open]. Private.
Plains Research Centre, 1993), and "From the Hunt to the Homestead" which was accepted for publication by the University of Alberta Press in


Alberta Farm Radio Program [textual record]. 1941-1965. Series.
MG28-I68, R2807-4-1-E.
Textual material. [Access: Open]. Private.
receiving financial aid from the Continuing Committee for Cooperative Eduacation in conjunciton with the University of Alberta Extension service.


Hawrelak affair [textual record]. 1959-1972, 2005-2018. Series.
MG31-D190, R4403-3-4-E.
Textual material. [Access: Open]. Private.
The sub-series consists of court documents, correspondence, clippings and other material relating to the Porter Royal Commission's findings of


Letters home from Oxford [textual record]. 1929-1954. Series.
MG30-E408, R2207-1-1-E.
Textual material. [Access: Open]. Private.
His letters home also reveal how his old friends from the University of Alberta who were in England, Lovat Dickson and Matthew Halton, helped him


Canada [textual record] 1941-2003. Series.
Textual material. [Access: Open]. Private.
Toronto Conservatory of Music, The Varsity, National Council of Jewish Women of Canada, Bob Hayes, the University of Alberta, the University of


[Regional maps of northern Canada from the Canadian Geographical Journal map series B] [cartographic material] 1965-1966. Series.
Maps and cartographic material. [Access: Open]. Private.
Copies of these maps held at York University, Brock University, University of Regina, University of Alberta, Memorial University of Newfoundland


[Official travel maps of the Northwest Territories] [cartographic material] 1970-1991. Series.
Maps and cartographic material. [Access: Open]. Private.
University, Brock University, Ryerson University, the University of Toronto, Dalhousie University, York University, the University of Alberta and the


Academic Appointments, Teaching [textual record (some electronic), graphic material, sound recordings] [after 1962]-2009. Series.
Photographs, Sound recordings, Textual material. [Access: Restricted]. Private.
1982 and 1990 at the University of Waterloo, Princeton and University of Western Ontario; 1992-1996 at the University of Alberta and University of


University career [textual record]. 1948-1975. Series.
MG30-C241, R2409-12-9-E.
Textual material. [Access: Open]. Private.
to: Gordon's lectures for courses in International Relations and International Organization that he taught at the University of Alberta and the


Recordings of lectures and speeches delivered at special events [sound recording, audio-visual recording] 1950-1984. Series.
RG77, R1207-76-X-E.
Moving images, Sound recordings. [Access: Open]. Government.
by Charles H. Townes (University of California); "A Romp through Relativity," delivered by Werner Israle (University of Alberta); "Time-Reversal and


Correspondence [textual record] 1966-1974, 1989. Series.
Textual material. [Access: Open]. Private.
of correspondence, including carbons of Mathews' letters, relating to his involvement in the controversy at the University of Alberta, 1966, American


[Official road maps of British Columbia] [cartographic material] 1950-1995. Series.
Maps and cartographic material. [Access: Open]. Private.
University, Dalhousie University, Brock University, the University of Saskatchewan, McGill University, the University of Alberta, the University of


Reference material [textual record]. 1969-1975. Series.
Textual material. [Access: Open]. Private.
on collective bargaining and professionals, from various Canadian University Faculty Associations; newsletters; University of Alberta/University Act


Education and career [textual record, graphic material] 1921-2001. Series.
MG31-J25, R4344-5-9-E.
Art, Textual material. [Access: Open]. Private.
publication series "Computer Programs for Infrared Spectrophotometry" and the IRYTRUE computer program from the University of Alberta, both of


Honours and Awards [textual record, graphic material, object]. 1969-2003. Series.
MG31-K24, R5274-7-8-E.
Art, Objects (including medals and pins), Textual material. [Access: Open]. Private.
for the Order of Ontario; Member and Officer of the Order of Canada; Honorary Doctorate of Letters from the University of Alberta, 1988; nomination


Photographs and illustrations [graphic material] [ca. 1918-1919]. Series.
Photographs. [Access: Open]. Private.
These photographs include: physics laboratories at McGill University and the University of Alberta; and activities of Khaki University in the cities and


Bedaux-Canadian Sub-Arctic Expedition [textual record]. 1932-1939. Series.
Textual material. [Access: Open]. Private.
built a decade later. JB Bocock, a geologist from the University of Alberta was second-in-command. The camera man Floyd


Subject files [textual record] 1921-1993. Series.
MG31-E23, R4391-12-5-E.
Textual material. [Access: Restrictions vary]. Private.
Workers' Educational Association of Canada and the League of Nations Society as well as Haythorne's studies at the University of Alberta and his


Philatelic issues of 2008, Production [multiple media] 2007-2008. Series.
Art, Stamps and stamp products. [Access: Closed pending processing]. Government.
to the production of the 2008 philatelic issues: Year of the Rat (8 Jan.), Celebration (15 Jan.), Peonies (3 Mar.), University of Alberta: 1908-2008 (7


Correspondence [textual record] 1913-1939. Series.
Textual material. [Access: Open]. Private.
These include the Vancouver Camera Club, the Island Arts and Crafts Society, the University of Alberta, Bertram Brooker's Yearbook of the Arts in


Émissions philatéliques de 2008, Produits [document philatélique]. 5 jan. 2008 - 3 nov. 2008. Series.
Art, Stamps and stamp products, Textual material. [Access: Open]. Government.
Finding aid number: CPA-249
philatéliques reliés aux émissions philatéliques de 2008 : Année du Rat (8 jan.), Célébrez (15 jan.), Pivoines (3 mar.), University of Alberta (7 mar


Correspondence [textual record] [ca. 1926]-2002. Series.
Textual material. [Access: Open]. Private.
correspondence from Matthew Halton to his wife, Jean, spanning a period of thirty years, from their meeting at the University of Alberta to shortly


Photographs and illustrations [graphic material] 1958-2006. Series.
Photographs. [Access: Open]. Private.
The series is arranged chronologically and documents various aspects of Coutts¿s career, including his years at the University of Alberta, his early


Personal papers [textual record] 1938-1968. Series.
Textual material. [Access: Open]. Private.
Series consists of practice teaching reports for 1938 and guidance course reports at the University of Alberta 1948. Biographical


Personal [textual record] 1912-1947. Series.
MG28-D115, R1887-8-4-E.
Textual material. [Access: Open]. Private.
of correspondence concerning honours, appointments, retirement, health, Institute of International Affairs, University of Alberta teaching staff and


Photographs extracted from working files, 1970 [graphic material] 1970. Series.
Photographs. [Access: Open]. Private.
Hannah Franklin stage set for Saidye Bronfman Centre, photos of Jack Chambers, quilt art, projects from the University of Alberta Extension Art


Alphabetical correspondence [textual record]. 1953-1967. Series.
Textual material. [Access: Open]. Private.
Pocock, John Parkin, Regina College, Stratford Festival, Toronto Life, Toronto Telegram, Tate Gallery, University of Alberta, UNESCO, Vancouver


Return to Canada: Correspondence and engagements [textual record, graphic material] 1982-1984. Series.
LMS-0086, R12494-1-2-E.
Photographs, Textual material. [Access: Open]. Private.
It includes documents relating to Smart¿s position as writer-in-residence at the University of Alberta. It holds Loon meeting minutes.

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