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Velikai︠a︡ okti︠a︡brʹskai︠a︡ sot︠s︡ialisticheskai︠a︡ revoli︠u︡t︠s︡ii︠a︡.
Gosudarstvennai︠a︡ publichnai︠a︡ istoricheskai︠a︡ biblioteka RSFSR.


Sovetskaia strana v period grazhdanskoI voǐny.
Gosudarstvennai︠a︡ publichnai︠a︡ istoricheskai︠a︡ biblioteka RSFSR.


Ezhegodnik Gosudarstvennoĭ t︠s︡entralʹnoĭ knizhnoĭ palaty RSFSR.
Gosudarstvennai︠a︡ t︠s︡entralʹnai︠a︡ knizhnai︠a︡ palata RSFSR.


Voprosy preodolenii︠a︡ religioznykh perezhitkov v SSSR. [Otv. redaktor N.P. Karsnikov].
Gosudarstvennyĭ muzeĭ istorii religii i ateizma (Russia)


Paradoksy immunologii / V.I. Govallo.
Govallo, V. I. (Valentin Ivanovich)

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